Good morning,

With at least two months of winter weather still to go, Unadilla Valley CSD has already used three of its five emergency (snow) days. In the interest of student safety, UV is preparing to use remote learning days, if needed, after the use of our next emergency day.  

By doing this, the district would have one remaining emergency day available for this school year. In recent years, we’ve had to use emergency days for weather-related events outside of the normal winter weather months. For example, last year, UV used two emergency days after a snowstorm and power outage in mid-April. 

The goal is always to provide in-person learning; however, remote learning days give the district more flexibility as it moves through the year and help avoid situations where we may need to be in session during a scheduled vacation. The New York State Education Department requires that school districts be in session for a specific number of days each year. 

Last fall, NYSED set certain standards that need to be met for districts when they use remote learning days instead of emergency days. These include measures to ensure student remote attendance and participation. 

The district will soon release more information for families, so they know what the expectations are for a remote learning day. This information will be re-released with the announcement of a remote learning day, which could occur with little notice due to weather conditions.

Our top priority is the safety of our students, their families, and our staff. We thank you for your cooperation as we prepare for the unexpected nature of Upstate New York weather. 

Brenton Taylor, Superintendent of Schools