Good afternoon,

Unadilla Valley CSD has enjoyed continuing with in-person learning for the 2022-23 school year.

However, our region is starting to see schools transition to remote learning or prepare for such a transition. This is primarily due to staffing concerns that are not directly related to COVID-19. A school district cannot operate normally and meet state mandates without an appropriate number of bus drivers, cafeteria staff, faculty, and support staff. 

Please be mindful that the need to switch to remote learning days could happen at Unadilla Valley and with little notice. 

We want to be sure that all students and their families have the resources necessary to support student learning from home. Please be sure students take electronic devices and any other materials they will need home with them daily.  

On remote learning days, students will follow their daily schedule. Detailed expectations for these days will be shared by teachers.

Notification of emergency school closings or snow days, as well as staffing-related school closings, will be done via our mass notification system, district website, and to the local news channels/radio stations. If you are not sure if the district has the correct contact information for your family, please contact Jennifer Hodge at (607) 847-7500, ext. 1118 or

We know this is not an ideal situation, but our first priority is to keep our students, their families, our staff, and our communities safe, while continuing to focus on learning. The district also needs to abide by regulations set forth by New York State. 

We thank you for your patience in advance, in the event we need to take this step. We hope we do not need to.


Brenton S. Taylor, Superintendent of Schools