Unadilla Valley

PO BOX F | 4238 State Highway 8
New Berlin, NY 13411
P: 607.847.7500
F: 607.847.9194
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Welcome to Unadilla Valley Central School

4238 State Highway 8

New Berlin, NY 13411

Telephone: 607-847-7500 
Fax:  607-847-9194 (District Office) 
District Office
Robert J. Mackey, Superintendent, Ext. 1131
Valerie L. Doliver, Superintendent's Secretary and District Clerk, Ext. 1131/Fax 6924
Brenton Taylor, Deputy Superintendent, Ext. 1134 
Wayne Tilley, Business Official and Treasurer, Ext. 1122
Suzanne King, Business Office Clerk, Ext. 1122/Fax 9194
Sharon White, Typist, Ext. 1134/Fax 9194
Steve Bliss, Technology Consultant, Ext. 1134
Elementary Main Office
Katie Hansen, Elementary Principal, Ext. 4140
Robin Mahoney, Elementary Secretary, Ext. 4140/Fax 9988
Sheri Houck, Elementary School Counselor, Ext. 4151
Freida Hilts, Psychologist, Ext. 1117 
Secondary Main Office
Kim Murray, ECHO Director/Secondary Principal, Ext. 1104
Stephanie Cooper, Dean of Students, Ext. 1104
Stacey McDermott, Director of Pupil Personnel Services, Ext. 1116
Rachael Perry, Special Education Secretary, Ext. 4152
Michele Burghardt, Secondary Secretary, Ext. 1102/Fax 8045
Pat Stephens, Secondary Office Clerk, Ext. 1000
Bruce McGowan, Chief Information Officer, Ext. 2212
Kevin Nial, Student Advocate, Ext. 3211 
Guidance Office
Stephanie Cooke, Secondary School Counselor, Ext. 1118
Andrew Ruffino, Secondary School Counselor, Ext. 1118
Jennifer Hodge, Secretary,Ext. 1118/Fax 9726