The Storm Watch, June 14 – June 18

Olympics of the Visual Arts Takes Place at Unadilla Valley 

By Shannon Lloyd

NYSATA annually hosts a creative problem-solving event in which student teams of one or more enter a long-term design solution in one of eight categories and participate in an on-demand design prompt. Teams present a portfolio along with their entry to showcase the research, planning and iterations that led to the final design. This friendly and spirited competition among students across the state is a wonderful way for students to interact with other student artists and together celebrate creativity.

Unadilla Valley had two teams competing in the event. The elementary team consisted of Weston Smith, Ruby Lupo, Jadynn Oliver, Stefan Straight, Miley Slater, and Lucas Thompson. The second team consisted of middle school students, Donovan Ballard and Ben Kemnah.

 The middle school team’s project began last spring with a team of seven students, but due to school being closed for the rest of the year, it was never finished. This year when students returned to school, only Donovan and Ben remained but they didn’t let this loss bring down their confidence. They just put in even more time and effort to make this project special. Losing team members wasn’t their only problem they ran into though; they also came to school on opposite days so they couldn’t ever work on the project together until the very end. This did prove to be a struggle but they overcame their challenges and were successful. Their project featured many different things from dragons and mountains, to architecture!

The elementary team faced the same issue as the middle school team, of starting the project last year and not being able to finish it. However, when they were all finally able to come back, Ms. Smith was greeted by six very eager students. Their project focused on the creation of jewelry that they were actually able to wear!

If you would like to see Weston, Ruby, Jadynn, Stefan, Lucas, and Miley’s full presentation of their project, click the link below!

If you would like to see Donovan and Ben’s full presentation of their project, click the link below!