Section IV Athletics COVID guidelines

The following letter was sent to school districts on Aug. 19:

To:       All Section IV Superintendents, All Section IV Athletic Directors

From:   Bill Bryan,  Section IV Athletics, Executive Director

Date:    August 19, 2021

Re:       Recommendations for re-opening of the fall 2021 sports season

Good morning everyone,

The Section IV COVID19 Task Force Committee met this afternoon to discuss the re-opening of Section IV athletics for the fall 2021 season which begins Monday, August 23rd.

Consensus of the Committee currently is:

  1. Indoor sports (volleyball, girls swim) all will wear masks (swim while on deck).
  2. For outdoor sports (cheerleading, b/g cross-country, football, field hockey, b golf, b/g soccer, g tennis) will be optional to wear masks outdoors.
  3. Coaches who are not vaccinated are strongly recommended to wear masks outdoors.
  4. Social (physical) distancing will still be the norm both indoors and outdoors.

If you have any questions, please contact me at your convenience.

Have a great weekend and great start to the 2021 fall sports season.

Be well and stay safe !!



Bill Bryant
Section IV Athletics
Executive Director