UV Echo

The UV ECHO program, allows ninth grade students a chance to start earning college credit.

One of the goals of UV ECHO is to help place a college education within reach of students who have never had a family member attend a college or university. For students who choose not to attend a traditional four-year college, ECHO will also have value. Whenever possible, ECHO courses will be aligned with careers in the regional economy increasing individual employment readiness. Additionally, the extra academic boost may help students excel on military entrance exams, which determine eligibility for career paths within the Armed Forces.

What is ECHO? 

The Early College High School Program allows students to earn both high school and college credit for one course, taught by a high school teacher who has been approved to instruct the college course.

This program enables students to take challenging, college-level courses in high school, strengthen the transition from high school to college and earn college credit that can be transferred to many colleges and universities in New York and throughout the country. Students have the opportunity to earn an Associates Degree (A.S.) in tandem with their high school diploma. The district offers courses tuition free or at minimal cost in partnership with regional institutions of higher education.

How can UV do that? 

UV received a $775,000 state grant that has enabled the district to partner with colleges and support student participation for four years.

What’s the catch?

No catch! Students will work closely with school counselors to create high school/college schedules which fulfill each student’s high school needs and college aspirations. Students will apply themselves to their studies throughout their high school careers and have the opportunity to earn college credits, up to an Associate’s Degree, prior to high school graduation.  

Whether a student’s plan is to enlist in the military, enroll in a college or university or seek gainful employment within the region, ECHO courses will help blaze a unique trail! The ECHO course selection is vast, with something appealing for each student. The following college course list shares a sampling of courses available at UV:

Sample Course List

  • Ag Mechanical Science
  • American History
  • Animal Science
  • Approaches to Literature
  • Biological Resources Conservation
  • Business Law
  • Calculus
  • Civil Engineering and Architecture
  • Intermediate French/Spanish
  • Introduction to Food Science
  • Introduction to Veterinary Technology
  • Music Appreciation
  • Physics
  • Principles of Accounting
  • Principles of Biology
  • Principles of Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Technology and the Environment

Note: Courses are subject to change.