Q&A for Families Regarding full in-person learning

The following are questions from parents, as they were asked of us during our community forum, and our answers to them.

If one child tests positive in the classroom will the rest of the class have to quarantine? 

DOH makes the decision on who/when to quarantine. 

Will they have an aide on the bus making sure kids are not taking masks off because my boys have already complained of certain kids running on the bus not wearing a mask and getting in their face, it will be harder with more kids now?

Unfortunately, we do not have the available resources to have aides on all of the buses. 

If the class exceeds 20 then some kids get a different teacher and possibly not the one they have had all year? Will a student’s current classroom teacher remain the same or might this change?

This decision will be made on a case by case basis, please know we will communicate with families before any decision is made. 

Is there a possibility you can just leave it how it is because it’s working? My boys need some in school and I feel safe sending them with less kids, I can’t send them with more kids putting them at a higher risk.

We will be moving forward with reopening. 

Will my seven year old have to zoom every day or will it be every other day still?

We are waiting on the number of students that are returning to determine staffing and availability. We will make sure that the amount of time students are expected to Zoom is age appropriate.

When will cleaning take place if kids go 5 days a week ? We have had students in the building 5 days per week since September. 

Our cleaning staff has done a very good job using the time that they have to clean, this will remain the same. 

If we choose to remain virtual for the remainder of the year, will our child still be able to return to 5 days a week next school year? 

Yes, the choice for this school year would only be for this year.

How much time are you giving parents to let you know what they’ll be doing before everything is finalized?  So we know approximately when stuff will be happening.

We will get finalized communication to parents as soon as possible. 

With sports going on when will they be able to put their stuff in the locker rooms so they can take their sports stuff to school and when do you predict they’ll be able to use lockers in high school?

Students can use lockers now in the HS if they request a locker. A survey was sent to all students to determine requests for lockers.

I also require information about this mask and mile running. We were thinking about returning her to school until this came about.

I agree that breathing their own CO2 while physical activity because of a mask is unhealthy. I also understand that your hands are tied in ways but as long as you are open to creative means for mask breaks, I appreciate that. This was really a concern of mine with reopening.

If there is still going to be an A B schedule then why can’t they run outside without a face mask? The CDC no longer requires adults to wear masks outside so why are you making our children?

PE as well as all other classes continue to follow the guidance set forth by the CDC and NYS.