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Building Project Marches Forward
As work gets underway on a final step in the first phase of a capital project, the bids were awarded for the second phase.

The $12.8 million project was approved by voters in May 2015. Phase 1 work started this fall and a storage building and salt storage building for the bus garage are largely complete. First floor window replacement work is now underway, with completion expected for spring 2017.

Bids for Phase 2 were awarded Monday, Dec. 5 by the UV Board of Education.

The phase includes the following:
• Ag/Tech Wing renovations and greenhouse additions
• Pool Restoration
• Pool LED lighting upgrades
• Dehumidification/heating/ventilation upgrades
• Pool cover installation
• HVAC upgrades to multiple areas, including classrooms, office areas, health suite, elementary gym, locker rooms and fitness areas
• Exhaust upgrades in kitchen areas
• Building-wide public announcement system upgrades
• Elementary and auditorium LED gym lighting upgrades
• Carpet/flooring replacements in some classrooms, libraries, auditorium, music and office areas
• Installation of additional windows not covered by Phase 1

Work on the second phase will begin as early as next month, with construction continuing through the fall of 2017.

The Board of Education awarded the following bids for the work on Monday:
• Putrelo Building Enterprises, Inc.; general contractor
• Patricia Electric Inc.; electrical
• Louis N. Picciano & Son Inc.; mechanical
• Louis N. Picciano & Son Inc.; plumbing
• D&R Jones Construction Corp.; flooring
• William L. Watson & Co.; pool

The bidding process for Phase 1 and Phase 2 resulted in a positive variance of $519,360, currently placing the project under budget. This amount and other allowances already factored within the project budget will help protect the district from any contingencies with the construction. 

The project is being funded through a combination of building aid from New York State, EXCEL aid, the district’s capital reserve fund, and potentially money from the New York Bonds for School Technology Act. There is no increase to school taxes in association with the project.

The current school building was completed 13 years ago and is in need of maintenance and renovations. The district has a four facet plan to maintain and improve the facilities and grounds – which includes energy efficiency, security, technology, and regulatory compliance – with a focus of maintaining the building through multiple projects over the coming years.

Project financial Sheet
Project Referendum                                                                 $12,840,000
Incidental/Soft Costs                                                                   $2,233,000
(Architect, engineering, construction management, fiscal advisors, legal, builder’s risk/insurance, concrete testing, soil compaction testing, rebar inspection, weld inspection, all other related construction testing, surveys, soil borings, misc. furniture and other related soft costs.)
Phase 1 Contract                                                                           $1,779,240
Phase 2 Contracts                                                                         $8,308,400

Positive Variance                                                                             $519,360