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The First Week of School is Underway

School is back in session at Unadilla Valley, even though the weather felt more like the height of summer.

The new school year, which started Tuesday, brought new faces of students and staff alike, as well as fresh programs and initiatives.

“The week’s been great,” said Elementary School Principal Christopher Harper. “All years bring lots of new things to schools.”

New staff members are among the biggest changes in his wing of the building, said Harper.

“I’m very proud to have the opportunity to have added eight new staff to the elementary school,” Harper said. “We look at our school as a family.”

In addition to the new staff and faculty, the elementary wing will continue its proactive approach to learning.

“We really want to focus on improving student achievement,” Harper said.

One of the new programming additions to the elementary school is the Accelerated Reader software. This program will allow students beginning in kindergarten to hone reading comprehension skills.

“Literacy is huge to us. We really want to focus on it,” he said.

Secondary Principal Frank Johnson also said the first week has gone very well and applauded the efforts of the Guidance Office for resolving some last minute scheduling issues. A faculty meeting on Wednesday assessed the first two days of classes, he said.

“The staff thought everything ran pretty smoothly,” Johnson said.

The principal said that for the secondary school, like the elementary, the 2015-16 school year is seeing some new programming options, as well as some other initiatives designed to ensure student success.

“We have some new courses through the distance learning network at ONC BOCES,” Johnson said.

These courses include: Statistics, Forensics, 1960s and The Civil War, Anatomy and Physiology and Sports Entertainment and Marketing.

There new initiatives in the secondary school include a reward system for academic success and a new department-level approach to assist students with their academic needs by organizing them by the type of need.