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UV Student Shadows Staff at Tri-Town Hospital

Are you curious about stable, good paying, and fast growing local careers?

Lanie White, a ninth grader at Unadilla Valley Central School, did more than wonder; Lanie spent some of her summer vacation shadowing laboratory professionals at Tri-Town Regional Hospital. Lanie was able to observe Laboratory Support Technicians (or Phlebotomists): Jodi McCann, and Cyndi Marcianoperforming blood collection. She then spent the rest of the 3 days observing the Medical Technologists, Dee Jinks, Allen Phillips, and Rick Beebe in the laboratory. She was able to practice laboratory skills of pipetting, observed blood cells and urine sediment under the microscope, got an overview of the analysis of blood chemistry, hematology and coagulation.

Tri-Town Regional Hospital is one of several Bassett Healthcare Network laboratories partnering on a shared goal with the Central New York Area Health Education Center (CNYAHEC) to reduce shortages of health care professionals. The CNY AHEC program provides outreach guidance, job site experience and career participation services to students. CNYAHEC enters partnerships with local healthcare organizations and then sends local schools information about available shadowing opportunities. Students from local schools then sign up to participate in an experience near them. Lanie choose Tri-Town Regional Hospital because it was close and her aunt, Rebecca Brooks-White, is the Manager of the laboratory.

Lanie said “I was happy being able to shadow at Tri –Town Regional Hospital because it gave me a real experience and showed me what happens in a hospital laboratory.” Lanie’s aunt, Rebecca, was thrilled to have Lanie by her side and is optimistic that Lanie’s experience will encourage more local students to consider careers in Laboratory Science.

Clinical Laboratory Science is one of the fastest growing careers in the nation. Laboratory Science professionals are compensated well. Entry level CLT’s earn $19.52 an hour or a annual salary close to $40,000 and experienced technicians ear $29.77 and hour or $62,000 annually. A bachelor’s degree and New York State licensure are requirements for the position.

Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLT’s), also known as Medical Technologist (MT), most often work in hospital or health agency laboratories. CLT’s use blood and other bodily fluids to run tests with laboratory equipment to view bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses. The results of these tests help healthcare practitioner’s diagnosis, identify, and treat disease. CLT’s study microbiology, hematology, and chemistry!