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Students honored at 42nd Annual Scholarship Banquet
The 42nd Annual Scholarship Banquet took place May 18 to honor UV High School students for their academic achievement during the 2014-2015 school year. The Unadilla Valley Faculty Association and the Unadilla Valley Community Scholarship Fund sponsored the event.

Guest speaker and UV student advocate, Kevin Nial, congratulated the students on their hard work. He also challenged them: “Do not rest on your laurels, but strive even higher. Cultivate your life, set goals and achieve them," he said.

Students had to meet the following selection criteria: maintain an 87.5 cumulative average for six marking periods or attain 85% in each subject for six marking periods or be on the Principal’s List or High Honor Roll for four marking periods and Honor List for two marking periods. They must be full-time students. The following students were honored this year and received academic certificates, gift certificates and awards.

Ninth Grade

Gabrielle Bodie, Marissa Cross, Mersadie Dibbell, Katelyn Dixson, Brady George, Janette Grainger, Samuel Johnson, Oliver Kuhn, Adam Lamont, Janielle Lopez, Isabel Mendoza, Colby Moore, Julia Oglesby, Agnes Olson and Grace White

Tenth Grade

McKayla Brown, Megan Carpenter, Daniel Culver, Gina DelSontro, Brandon Fink, Eric Gage, Nathaniel Garry, Brenon Maynard, Evan Mendoza, Sara Nogaret, Tia Peck, Keana Schrag, Matthew Turner, Samuel Tuttle, Brayden White and Hannah White

Eleventh Grade

Jasmynn Abrams, Kalvin Abrams, Emily Anderson, Abigail Avolio, Makenzie Ballard, Alexandra Bodie, Kaleigh Fairchild, Katlyne Gad, Benjamin Kane, Hunter Lakin, Jessica Lisk, Lauren Lloyd, Michael Patrick, Ryan Postma, Kristofer Ruhland, Derrick Schwab, Jacqueline Smith, Joshua Wilcox, Michaela Williams and Kurtis Wilson

Twelfth Grade

Alexander Avolio, Nathan Barker, Niarra Borden, Katrina Brooks, Patience Brooks, Breanna Christian, Emily Converse, Hank deGlee, Stefan Foster, Steven Gillette, Pamela Greco, Willard Lamont, Nicole Mackey, Kathleen Manchester, Will Martin, Shannon McIntyre, Kevin Meyers, Skylar Moore, Jedidiah Parker, Brianne Ray, Jonathan Schermerhorn, Kacey Strong, Tori Sullivan, Austin Taylor, Dylan Thomsen and Michael Weis

Principal’s List
In addition, the following students were recognized for being on the Principal’s List for six quarters and were given special pins.

Alexander Avolio, Niarra Borden, Hank deGlee, Kaleigh Fairchild, Nathaniel Garry, Hunter Lakin, Shannon McIntyre, Evan Mendoza and Keana Schrag