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Face covering policies
Unadilla Valley CSD is making some adjustments to its COVID-19 policies, particularly around the area of face coverings.

The Centers for Disease Control is not recommending that gaiters and face shields be used at this time. Single-ply masks such as gaiters and bandanas will no longer be allowed at Unadilla Valley CSD. 

Please abide by the following UV policies and guidelines from the CDC:  
  •     Wear masks with two or more layers to stop the spread of COVID-19. 
  •    CDC does not recommend use of masks for a source control if they have and exhalation valve or vent. 
  •    Wear the mask over your nose and mouth and secure it under your chin. 
  •    Do NOT wear masks intended for healthcare workers, for example, N95 respirators. 
  •    Mask breaks will be structured time allowing students to remove face coverings. 
  •    Students may remove their face coverings when eating. When eating, students should not be talking. When students are done eating, they will replace their face coverings and they may talk. 
  •    During instruction/classroom time, teachers and students must wear face coverings at all times if talking. 
  •    If a teacher is conducting a mask break; the class may go outside, maintain social distance and remove their mask. 
  •    Structured mask breaks may be held in the classroom under the following conditions: The classroom window is open, those without face coverings may not talk, social distancing protocols must be adhered to, and the break may not last longer than 5 minutes. 
  •    An individual student may request a mask break whereupon they leave the classroom, go to a restroom, remove their face covering, and maintain social distancing protocols. This break should not be longer than 5 minutes. 
  •    Individuals should not sit directly next to an open window when not wearing a face covering. Our ventilation is a negative pressure system which means that droplets from that individual could be forced back into the room. Air will be recycled most efficiently and safely (within 5 minutes) if individuals remain away from open windows.
At this time, we also wish that you review the attached infographic which details the decision-making process to determine if your student should attend school on any individual day. 

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