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UV to move to remote learning for the remainder of this week.
Good afternoon,

Due to last night’s reported COVID-19 positive test result, as well as a second positive test result received shortly before midnight.  Both cases reported to the district on the evening of Tuesday, November 18 were in the Secondary School. If a student or staff member is determined to be a close contact of either of the two positive cases, they will be contacted by the Chenango County Department of Health, who will provide them with further guidance.
Please note that the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other privacy laws restrict us from disclosing or confirming any personally identifiable information. We cannot identify anyone who has tested positive. Please know, the Chenango County Department of Health is still in the process of completing contract tracing. The Basset SBHC has COVID testing available for any student with symptoms or who lives in the home with someone who has tested positive for COVID. The test administered by SBHC only goes in the tip of the nose and is not a painful procedure for students.

 As a result of the positive COVID cases, Unadilla Valley will shift to fully remote learning for the remainder of the week and will follow this schedule:  
          Thursday, November 19 – B/ODD DAY FOR ALL STUDENTS 
          Friday, November 20 – A/EVEN DAY FOR ALL STUDENTS 
For Thanksgiving week, November 23 – November 27 there will be no in-person or remote classes. 
For the following week of November 30-December 4 the district is going to all-remote learning due to the expectation that some staff members and families may travel or attend holiday gatherings and will follow this schedule: 
          Monday, November 30 – B/ODD DAY FOR ALL STUDENTS 
          Tuesday, December 1 – A/EVEN DAY FOR ALL STUDENTS 
          Wednesday, December 2 – B/ODD DAY FOR ALL STUDENTS 
          Thursday, December 3 – A/EVEN DAY FOR ALL STUDENTS 
          Friday, December 4 – B/ODD DAY FOR ALL STUDENTS
The district’s A/EVEN and B/ODD day hybrid schedule for in-person learning will resume on Monday, Dec. 7, which is an A/EVEN DAY.  

While the Chenango County Department of Health has indicated that our Reopening Plan and COVID-19 prevention protocols help minimize the risk of transmission within our school building, cases are on the rise in the region. Area health officials are advising that more and more COVID-19 positives are not connected to known cases, which means community spread is rising. We cannot eliminate all risk, especially outside of our school building. It’s more important now, more than ever, to practice the three “Ws”– wear your mask, wash your hands, watch your distance, whether our school community members are in our building or out in the broader community. 

From what we understand, COVID cases are originating in social settings outside of schools where COVID prevention guidelines are not being followed. In order for Unadilla Valley CSD, to return to in-person learning on December 7 and beyond, we are relying on our families and the general public to take COVID-19 seriously. 

Please also be aware of New York State’s rules for travel. The New York State Department of Health requires anyone traveling out of the State with plans to return to NYS to complete a Traveler Health Form. It does not matter how your family travels (airplane, car, bus, train etc.). This form along with details about the travel advisory can be found online at Failure to comply with the travel advisory could result in a mandatory quarantine order and a fine of up to $10,000. 

If you wish to avoid a mandatory 14-day quarantine, you must show two negative COVID-19 tests, one dated 1-3 days prior to entering New York, and one 4 days after returning to New York.  Upon results of the second negative test, you will be allowed to resume normal activities.  Your child will not be allowed to attend classes until/unless both tests come back negative. Proof of negative tests must be provided to the school nurse before returning to school.  If you do not get testing done, those who travel are expected to quarantine at home for 14 days.  This means your child will not be allowed to attend in person classes for the entire quarantine period.

We know that these are difficult times for everyone, but with the rise in cases, both regionally, in the state and in the country, we must all do what we can to keep each other safe. 

Thank you,
Robert J. Mackey