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Faculty and Staff Recognized for Years of Service, Excellence
Twenty-seven Unadilla Valley Central School District employees were recognized Thursday, Oct. 27 for a combined 445 years of service to the district.

The employees were thanked for the service by administrators and board of education members after a faculty and staff luncheon. They were given pins and certificates. Board of education members Vicky Gregory, Carrie Meade and Kim Murray also presented several awards to faculty and staff members who represent the best Unadilla Valley has to offer.

Wendy Taylor, an elementary special education teacher, was selected as the Educator of the Year. In her 12th year with the district, Taylor previously won the Educator of the Year Award for the 2010-11 school year.
“Wendy goes the extra mile without question, she always does what is best for the students!,” said one anonymous comment provide with her nomination.

Teacher aide Rita Cornell was selected as the CSEA Employee of the Year Award. A 20-year veteran of the district, Cornell has served our students in a variety of ways.
“Rita is kind and willing to do anything. She goes far and beyond her duties as an aide to make sure the children in her class are always ready and willing to take on their day,” said a comment from a colleague used in her nomination.

Head Maintance Mechanic Bill Beadle was recognized as the Support Staff Member of the Year. Beadle, who has been with the district for just three years, was lauded in the nomination process as someone who is knowledgeable and has a strong work ethic. His work maintaining one of the “most welcoming and attractive campuses in Central New York” was widely praised by his colleagues.
“The quality of work and the cleanliness of the facilities are second to none. Bill understands the connection of what he does as it relates to student achievement,” said an anonymous commenter in support of his nomination.

We congratulate all of our staff members from helping to make Unadilla Valley Central School a great place to work and learn!

Jessica Stratton, 5 years of service
David Bice, 10 years of service
Beth DuVall, 10 years of service
Sheri Houck, 10 years of service
Steve Pelosi, 10 years of service
Kip Pylinski, 10 years of service
Marianne Ruggiero, 10 years of service
Katie Wolford, 10 years of service
Kimberly Dorosky, 15 years of service
April Green, 15 years of service
Dan Hand, 15 years of service
Patricia LaCotta, 15 years of service
Lynn Leonard, 15 years of service
Bonnie Schowe, 15 years of service
Dexter Smith, 15 years of service
Sam Tuttle, 15 years of service
Brian Wright, 15 years of service
Sally Benson, 20 years of service
David Burnsworth, 20 years of service
Rita Cornell, 20 years of service
Dan Funk, 20 years of service
Colleen Huggins, 20 years of service
Tina Parks, 20 years of service
Renee Collum, 25 years of service
Steve Fenton, 25 years of service
Geraldine Crooker, 30 years of service
Michael Brown, 35 years of service

Wendy Taylor was recognized as the Educator of the Year.

Rita Cornell was recognized as the CSEA Employee of the Year.

Bill Beadle was recognized as the Support Staff Member of the Year.

Jessica Stratton was recognized for 5 years of service.

Sheri Houck, Beth DuVall, Katie Wolford, Steve Pelosi were
recognized for 10 years of service.

Kimberly Dorosky, Dan Hand, April Green, Lynn Leonard
were recognized for 15 years of service.

Colleen Huggins, Tina Parks, Sally Benson, Rita Cornell and
Dave Burnsworth were recognized for 20 years of service.

Renee Collum and Steve Fenton were recognized for 25 years
of service.

Geraldine Crooker was recognized for 30 years of service.

Michael Brown was recognized for 35 years of service.
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