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Biology Classes Hold Interactive Science Fair and Research Projects
several students view a science fairUnadilla Valley High School Biology classes held an interactive Science Fair on Tuesday, March 28.

Elementary teachers took more than 225 students to the blue gym to visit Mr. Jackson and his students. These aspiring scientists were presented with a variety of opportunities to carry out the Scientific Method.

Mr. Jackson gained the attention of the students by twirling a plastic corrugated tube through the air, which made a whistling sound. Students were asked why the tube made sound. The students made a hypothesis, Mr. Jackson conducted an experiment using miniature cows to show that air traveled upwards through the tube creating the whistling sound. The elementary students concluded whether or not they made an accurate hypothesis.

While at the fair, biology students lead presentations to small groups of elementary students.They were able to investigate their reaction time and predict if they would be able to catch a falling dollar bill. The pH of various liquids was tested using an electronic pH probe. Chromatography was used to investigate what colors of the rainbow are used to make up the colors of various water-soluble markers. An APP on I-pads was used to determine the age of hearing and students were taught the parts of the ear that allow them to hear. Another App was used to see if any students have a form of colorblindness that may impact their ability to learn. Students made a fingerprint and compared their print to a poster to determine what type of fingerprint they have on one of their fingers.

Students put their jumping ability to the test and an attempt to determine who could jump the highest and farthest was made. A comparison between warming up prior to exercise and not warming up before exercising gave students a chance to show off their speed and learn about “dynamic warmup” and plyometric training techniques. Other biology students wanted to determine the ability of students to multitask so, they compared the reading and comprehension ability of students while they listened to music versus without listening to music. Finally, blind taste tests were performed to see if “brand name” foods and drinks are preferred over “cheap brand” foods. Many questions were answered throughout this day of interactive science fun.

Mr. Jackson’s biology students are in the midst of carrying out a research project. Each student created a question, formulated a hypothesis, designed an experiment, collected data, made observations, and have drawn conclusions. These students are required to perform some background research related to their topic and write a research paper that explains their findings. The biology students will present their experiment and conclusions to their peers, while showing the importance of their research to society. This will be a great opportunity for our students to enhance their ability to speak publically and increase their communication skills.

The UV High School Science Department is dedicated to inspiring our students to enter STEM careers. These careers are related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. These are the most highly demanded careers of our near future. Estimates have suggested that by the year 2018 there will be 8 million new jobs in STEMrelated fields. The UV Interactive Science Fair is just one attempt to promote science and show our students that science is fun, interesting, and an important part of the future.

Several students view a science fair

several students view a science fair

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