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Fourth Graders Deliver Book Reports with the Help of Pizza Boxes
A student speaks in front of a classWhat does a pizza box and a book have in common?

Well, if you are in Denise Wright’s fourth grade class, pizza boxes and books combine for some epic book reports. On Thursday, March 30, each student gave their book report on books of their own choosing.

Students decorated the boxes with titles and scenes from the books. They represented pizzas inside the box using paper slices to help share the main characters, important themes and the conflicts and resolutions within each book.

They were also asked by Mrs. Wright if they would recommend the book to friends and why.

The pizza boxes – unused of course – were donated by New York Pizzeria of New Berlin.

Emma Bonacci read Ramona the Brave.

“If you enjoy adventure and a lot of cool stuff, I recommend this book,” Bonacci said.

Wyatt Meade read Star in the Forest.

One of the reasons he loved the book was because it had police officers in it, Meade said.

One-by-one, the students presented their book reports at the head of the class.

At one point, student Kate Johnson remarked that a lot of the books had sad themes, especially in the beginning, before they were resolved with a happy ending.

Seizing on Johnson’s observation, Mrs. Wright suggested that’s what helps make a good book.

“It helps keep people interested,” Mrs. Wright said, applauding the students for picking out the similarities.

A student presents her book report

a student presents a book report

a student presents a book report

a student presents a book report

student book reports are seen on desks

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