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From the Tech Committee: Parents' Ultimate Guide to YouTube Kids
Is YouTube Kids really safe for kids?
How does it work, and how do you set filters and parental controls?
Learn more about this kid-targeted, but sometimes iffy, YouTube-lite app.

What is YouTube Kids?
YouTube Kids is a kid-targeted version of YouTube that features curated, ad-supported TV shows, music, educational videos, and user-created content. You can create user profiles for each of your kids, so the app can tailor its selections individually. One of the best features of YouTube kids is the timer, which lets you set a limit (up to an hour) for your kids to play on the app.

Is YouTube kids safe?
YouTube Kids is mostly safe, but there’s a small chance kids could see nudity, violence, or just weird stuff, as well as ads for stuff like junk food. Technically, the app is a portal to the main YouTube service and uses and algorithm to filter out the grown-up stuff and funnel the kid stuff to the app. On the plus side for parents, YouTube offers fair warning that kids may see something that you don’t want them to see and you can block and report inappropriate videos.

How do I set parental controls on YouTube Kids?
The main parental control setting is the ability to allow your kids to search for videos in the app or not. Disabling search limits videos to only the one that have been verified as age-appropriate by people on the YouTube Kids team. You can select “trusted channels” and topics in the Collections section, as well as restrict the “recommended” channels to only ones that have been viewed and OK’ed by a human. To access these settings, you unlock the “grown-ups only” section by using either a random passcode (written out so that pre-readers can’t use it) or a custom passcode you create. Then you log into your Google account and select the user whose profile you want to add controls to.
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