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Meet the board of education candidates
Four candidates are vying for three seats on the board of education. They include incumbents Vicky Gregory, Daniel Naughton and Richard Potter and challenger Kim Corcoran. All voting will be done by absentee ballot. For more information on voting and the proposed budget, please see our budget page.
Included with the bios submitted to the district by each candidate are YouTube clips from the virtual Meet the Candidates Night on June 1. Please note, there was no video for Kim Corcoran because she called into the meeting and was not connected via computer.


Kim Corcoran

What is your personal background?
I have worked as a Food Service Director for 30 years in 11 area Districts. I live with John Bice, Bice Trucking on Route 8 New Berlin. I have many friends and colleagues in the area as well as grandchildren that attend the UV District. I will be retiring this year and feel I still need to advocate for students in the school setting. I now have the time to fully devote myself to making sure all students benefit from what the school system should be offering. 

What experience can you bring to the Board?
My job as given me the opportunity to work with so many students and advocate for them. I have volunteered for an enormous amount of students and activities to benefit them. I have also worked in many Districts and can share some good practices that benefit students and the school system.

What are  your reasons for running for the Board?
I want to continue to advocate for area children and be sure they are always the priority. I also want to be sure that all budget decisions are for the good of all students. The school budget needs oversight by the Board and I have experience from 30 years in the school system to assist in good decisions that benefit the students and not over tax the public.


Victoria L. Gregory

What is your personal background?
40 years in school district, married to Everett D. Gregory, have taught Agriculture for 43 years, currently teach students in grades 6-12 at Afton Central School, no children

What experience can you bring to the Board?
25 years on Unadilla Valley Board of Education and former New Berlin Board of Education
Pittsfield Fire Department 25 years
Unadilla Valley Community Scholarship committee member
New Berlin Rotary for 30 years

What are your reasons for running for the Board?
Provide leadership to unite school and community
Value academic excellence, so would help guide that with other Board of Education members
My way of investing in the future of Unadilla Valley students for them to become respectful, responsible and productive citizens.


Daniel Naughton

What is your personal background?
I have lived in the Unadilla Valley School District for two years now.  I have two children in Unadilla Valley (one in 8th grade and one in 3rd).

What experience can you bring to the Board?
I have been the Director of the Otsego County Probation Department for the past three years.  In that time, I have learned budgeting, staffing requirements, and the necessity of delegating.  Prior to that, I was a Probation Supervisor and Probation Officer.  My twenty years working for Otsego County helped me learn how to work with people of all backgrounds.
I have also volunteered one year as a youth (U-8) basketball coach and two years as an indoor soccer coach (U-8 and U-10).  This has allowed me to not only work with and get to know some of the youth of our community, but also the parents and guardians.

I was also a 2nd grade (communion) Sunday school teacher at my former church in Richfield Springs, New York.

What are your reason for running for the Board?
I was asked to join the Unadilla Valley School board in the late fall last year.  After speaking to my wife, we decided that, even though we have busy schedules with all the activities our children are involved in, this was something that was important to make time for.  We try to teach our children to become active in the community you are in.

Richard Potter

What is your personal background?
This is my sixth year on the school board. I have a daughter that graduated UVCS. I have lived in this school district for 25 years.

What experience can you bring to the board?
I have done community service. I have been a department manager for 11 years in facility I’ve been working in for over 25 years. I’m on the Board of Assessment review for the Town of New Berlin.

What are your reasons for running for the Board?
I want to give back to the community and to help children in the community.


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