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Parking, traffic flow changes will be in place for new school year
Unadilla Valley CSD strives to ensure our school is as safe as it can be, whether it is in the classroom, on the playground or in a parking lot.

At times during recent school years, traffic flow and parking – particularly at the start and end of the school day has not gone as smoothly as it should. This has created situations that could potentially be unsafe, especially when you factor in small children who sometimes cannot readily be seen by drivers. 

In addition to our own buses and parents dropping off students, the district has buses and vans from other schools who attend UV that release students outside of the building. There are also delivery drivers that need to gain access to our loading dock area at all times of day.  We also must always make sure that emergency vehicles have access to our building.

To improve safety, the district will be implementing a number of changes in parking and traffic flow before the start of the new school year. While these changes are still being finalized, we know for sure there will be new signage and new designated parking, including 15-minute visitor parking spots. When these changes are finalized, the district will communicate them to the parents/guardians.

While most of the changes will affect the elementary side of the building, we have examined parking and traffic flow throughout the campus. The district will release additional information as it becomes available to help make the start of the school year run as smoothly as possible.

We are mindful that parents and guardians are busy, especially in the mornings, and one of the goals of these changes is to ensure parents can arrive at the school to expeditiously and safely drop off their children and continue their morning routines. We appreciate the cooperation of the school community to help make our parking lots and driveways as safe as they can be.
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