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Have you heard about the "Momo Challenge?"
As you may have heard in the news recently or have seen on social media, an Internet phenomenon known as the “Momo Challenge” has been raising concerns for parents and causing fear for children.

Details of what the “Momo Challenge” actually is are murky. It was reported by some media outlets and repeated on social media that children and adolescents were being enticed by an Internet user named Momo to perform a series of dangerous tasks, including violent attacks and self-harm. Imagery of a creepy doll are often distributed with posts referencing the “Momo Challenge.” The images have since been found to have been taken from a Japanese special effects company that has no connection to the challenge, which was first circulated last summer. The “Momo Challenge” has been identified as a likely hoax in the most recent news reports. Other similar hoaxes and challenges have been seen in the past and will no doubt be seen in the future.

While the “Momo Challenge” and others like it may be hoaxes, it doesn’t make them less scary, especially for our younger students. There are also other very real concerns related to the Internet and social media of which we all, as a community, need to be aware.
Our administrators, technology staff members, faculty and staff at Unadilla Valley are constantly vigilant for any safety concerns that may exist on the school district’s network and its devices, including those issued directly to students.

To ensure the safety of our students and our school community, we encourage parents and caregivers to take the following steps:

• Be aware of what your children are accessing online and teach them how to keep themselves safe by being responsible digital citizens. Work with your child to establish rules about Internet and device usage at home.

• Have conversations with your children about what they are seeing online and explore the Internet together. Talk about both the positive and negative experiences. 

• Encourage children to report to a trusted adult any suspicious content that they find online. 

• If a child is struggling with thoughts of violence or self-harm, they should be advised that counselors are available to help them at school. 

• Children should be encouraged to avoid spreading rumors and to exercise good judgement when sharing information with others. 

If you have any concerns about Internet and social media safety, or how the district teaches digital literacy and uses the Internet in the classroom, please contact your child’s principal.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.
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