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UV considers therapy dog policy
Over the last few months, two dogs and their owners have been training to be used as therapy dogs in the Unadilla Valley Central School District. The training and certification process is quite intense, however it isn’t the only thing a school district needs to consider before allowing therapy dogs to be used on school grounds.

Our school board policy committee has been working with our school administrators and our school attorneys to develop a district policy allowing the therapy dogs to be used with students on school grounds. Next Monday night the policy committee will be recommending the board of education adopt the therapy dog policy. Typically a new policy requires a 30 day reading before the final vote, however the committee will be asking the board to waive the 30 day reading in this instance.

Why would the committee recommend this? The program has such a successful track record in schools where handlers use therapy dogs in conjunction with counseling when working with students and our next regular board meeting where business is planned to be conducted isn’t until March 18. We may have one or both of the therapy dogs ready to start by the end of January and given the research supporting their use we don’t want to delay their introduction to our students until late March.

Look for a more detailed story on the therapy dogs after our board meeting next week.

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