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Calendar change reminder and end-of-year schedule
As the District heads into the final three months of the school year, please note the following dates and changes to the school calendar. These changes have all been recently approved by the UV Board of Education.

Monday, April 22 - No school, emergency give-back day
Friday, May 24 - No school, emergency give-back day; offices are closed
Monday, June 17 - The last day of school for grades 9 through 12
Tuesday, June 18 to Friday, June 21 - Regents exams for grades 9 through 12; full day of school for pre-kindergarten through Grade 8.
Monday, June 24 - Regents exams, half day of school for pre-kindergarten through Grade 8
Tuesday, June 25 -  Half day and final day of school for pre-kindergarten through Grade 8
Wednesday, June 26 - Rating day for faculty and staff (last day for all 10-month employees)

Please note that if the district has to use another emergency day, April 22 will then become a normal school day. If a second emergency day is needed, then May 24 will become a normal school day. If an additional emergency day is used, June 26 will become a half-day for grades pre-kindergarten through 8.

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