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High School Class to Build a T-Shirt Launcher

A new tool to boost school spirit will soon be available thanks to a project in William Rexroat’s Principles of Engineering class.
The class of juniors and seniors will be working over the next few weeks on a pneumatic t-shirt launcher that will be used to send t-shirts flying into the crowd at school events.
The device will be fitted with aluminum tanks and a solenoid valve. The main storage tank will bold compressed air and fill a secondary “single-shot” tank that will launch the t-shirts, Rexroat explained.
Each t-shirt will be wrapped with rubber bands and when stuffed in the firing chamber, they will fluff out to form a seal that will enable the launch.
Rexroat said he was inspired to do the project by one of his former college professors.
The project directly relates to the class’s recent unit on pneumatics and having the opportunity to build a fun project that will benefit the school will help reinforce what the class learned, according to Rexroat.

Teacher William Rexroat explains the design of a t-shirt launcher.

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