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Robotics workshop for teachers seeks participants
Exciting Free Opportunity
August 22-23, 2018, 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m

Location: BOCES Support Services Center, Norwich
Audience: Teachers, Grades K-12

In this workshop, participants will work collaboratively to solve specific challenges related to making a robot complete defined tasks. The facilitators will use a problem-based, inquiry-based, or challenge-based model and help participants connect how they could apply this learning strategy in their own classrooms to extend student learning to higher order thinking skills. Participants will use a Diason robot platform or they can bring their own robot, as long as the cost of the robot is under $500 and it is not commanded with a remote control device. 
Participants will see the connections between coding/robotics and they can be used to support teaching of science, technology, engineering and math. They will also learn how these tools can be used by teams of students in any content area and at any grade level K-12. Facilitators will walk participants through a documentation process that integrates English Language Arts in the inquiry, problem, and challenge-based teaching strategies. This is great for all levels and abilities, as the focus is on hands-on learning.
This is a hands-on, learning by doing, workshop and participants should be dressed to play with robots and computers throughout the day, including spending time on the floor! If you are curious about robots and coding in education, this is the workshop for you. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!
Just a few of the outcomes we hope to achieve are: Engage students to develop critical 21st century skills necessary for success in career or college; Create an environment where it is safe to take risks with learning; and have fun while learning!

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