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School safety in focus
Unadilla Valley Central School District is continuing its efforts to ensure the safety of the school through heightened security measures, as well as educating our students on policies, the importance of reporting any safety concerns they may witness and their own appropriate behavior.

A backpack search was conducted by New York State Police and School Resource Officer John Lowe at the school on Tuesday morning. This was warranted following last Friday’s vague threat and continued conversations regarding that incident by students.

On Monday, we opted to execute a “Hold in Place” drill so that members of our administrative team and Safety Committee could meet with all students in grades 6 through 12 to discuss how important it is to turn in to an adult or use Anonymous Alerts to report something said by a student that threatens their own safety or the safety of others.

The following message was shared with students in classrooms:  
• There was a vague threat written on a desk this last Friday here at Unadilla Valley.

• Students have continued to talk about this in the hallway.

• This was dealt with appropriately by school officials.

• This type of thing has been happening in many schools in and out of our area. Some threats are continuing, and we want students to understand the severity of saying/writing such things. Four districts in our area, Franklin, Bainbridge-Guilford, Gilbertsville-Mt Upton, and Unatego have all had students that were arrested for making a terroristic threat.

• Students may come to the main office, tell a teacher, or use Anonymous Alerts to report issues of concern. In addition, students can tell an adult at home who can then report it to the school.

• Grade level meetings to respond to questions.

Our administrative team held grade level listening sessions with all students in grades 6 through 12 so students had the opportunity to ask questions and administrators had the opportunity to answer those questions.

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