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Early Dismissal Drill Set for Friday, Oct. 20
An early-dismissal drill will be held on Friday, Oct. 20. Students will be released 15 minutes early. Students who take the bus home will be arriving at their destinations 15 minutes early.

All school districts in the State of New York are required to comply with the Commissioner of Education Regulation 155.13 that requires written annual instructions to parents, students and staff regarding district emergency management plans. The complete plans are on file in each principal’s office and are available to parents, students and staff at any time.

The object of emergency planning is to anticipate problems in dealing with a natural and man-made disaster. Depending on the kind and intensity of the disaster, the school may be required to carry out any of the following procedures:

• School Cancellation
• Evacuation
• Early Dismissal
• Sheltering

Sheltering and early dismissal drills or go home drills are held at least once a year. The Unadilla Valley Central School District has scheduled its annual test of the early dismissal plan for Friday, Oct. 20, 2017. Students will be released 15 minutes earlier than their normally scheduled time in order to test the early dismissal response of the District’s emergency management plan.

It is important to note that emergency procedures may be carried out without advance notice. Children may be coming home to either empty homes or locked doors. Parents must make contingency plans with their children to go to the home of a neighbor if the children require supervision.

Please make appropriate arrangements for the early arrival of your children as a result of this drill. Thank you.

If you have any questions concerning this plan, please contact one of the following offices at .607.847.7500; Elementary School ext. 4140, Secondary School Ext. 1000.

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