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New UV art teacher brings more than 20 years of experience as graphic designer
Even while working as a graphic designer around New York for 20 years, new Unadilla Valley art teacher Linda Salta always maintained one goal: she wanted to be an art teacher and make a difference in the lives of students. She eventually furthered her education and accepted a position at UV.

Salta earned her associate degree in advertising art and design from SUNY Farmingdale, her bachelor’s degree in art education and secondary education from Dowling College, and her master’s in art education from Stony Brook University before coming to the district.

We caught up with her to find out more about her background and her approach to teaching.

Q. What is your position and what do you do?
A. I teach middle School and high school students basic art, computer art, computer design and I work with the yearbook.

Q. What is your background and education?

A. My career background is in advertising art and graphic design. I worked as a graphic designer for 20 years and at various advertising agencies. I also have a professional business painting murals for homes and businesses, and through this business I had the opportunity to work for Disney creating architectural glass pieces for Disney’s 5th Avenue and 55th Street store in Manhattan. I am also a certified visual arts teacher for grades K-12.

Q. What made you want to become an art teacher?

A. I have always wanted to be an art teacher. After working for many years in the advertising and graphics field and raising a family, I decided to further my education so I could achieve my goals and hopefully make a difference in my student’s lives. I always told my own children they could do anything, and to have the mindset to believe in themselves and reach their goals. Now the roles are reversed and they taught me to believe in myself, and pushed me to reach my goal.

Q. What’s the best part about teaching art?
A. The best part is to see a student really enjoy the creative process. Especially when they gain confidence to believe that they can create beautiful art compositions by trying different mediums and styles. Once the creative process is going, it’s wonderful to see the great art work the students can achieve.

Q. Why did you want to come to UV?
A. I was really excited about teaching at UV after I had the opportunity to view the art rooms, meet the staff, and see all that UV has to offer its students. All you have to do is look around and see that there are a lot of good things happening at UV. Also, it is really a nice new school and the surrounding areas are really beautiful.

Q. What’s the most important thing to keep in mind when teaching art?
A. The most important thing to keep in mind about teaching art is to encourage experimentation and not to be afraid to make a mistake. Sometimes mistakes can turn out to be a masterpiece. I try to encourage my students to be creative thinkers and to try to be innovative with all their projects. But the most important thing is that I want them to have fun while learning and creating.

Q. What is your teaching style like?
A. My teaching style is more of a student-centered approach. It’s where the teacher gives the student direction, and the student has to come up with their own creative ideas about how to complete each project following the elements and principles of art and design.

Five questions
Favorite artist: Alphonse Mucha/Gustav Klimt
Favorite book: The Notebook
Favorite band/music: Neil Young/Rolling Stones/Sheryl Crow
Favorite subject in school: Art
If you could meet any person alive or dead, it would be: Leonardo Da Vinci, so we could talk about some of the innovative inventions he sketched out in his sketchbook and what was he really thinking about when he painted the Mona Lisa.
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