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UV teachers participate in learning workshops
Three education consultants representing Solution Tree held various workshops and broke the two days into three parts: the characteristics of a PLC, data assessment, and information about Response to Intervention (RTI).

“The purpose of the PLC is to help create a school that ensures all kids learn and where teachers work together to improve their practice,” educational consultant Susan Sparks-Many said.

“We want to enforce the idea that teachers just won’t just teach, but they will make sure students learn. “

Sparks-Many said PLCs include four questions:
• What do we want our students to know?
• How will we know that they’ve learned it?
• What will our response be when they don’t learn?
• What will our response be when they do know it?

Consultant and university teacher Richard Dewey, who’s also a recognized authority on best practices in school improvement and successful leadership, worked with teachers to develop tools to work collaboratively and assess their efforts. UV teachers took notes and asked questions during one of his engaging presentations.

“We focused on how to gather data and act on it,” he said.

What does he mean by “data”?

“Today, we talked about hard skills in regard to data, such as a teacher analyzing what good writing looks like and how they can teach it,” he said. “They also determine ‘how do we measure the writing?’ When they do that, both the teachers and students can determine where they are on the journey. If they determine good writing is a five on a scale of one to five, a student who’s a two can make steps to improve and work together with the teacher.”

Paula Rogers, who led the seminar on RTI, focused on teaching staff to work collaboratively to put a system in place to support the academic and behavioral needs of students.

“My session focuses on putting it in place and talks about the three tiers of support for students,” she said.

“The teachers and staff at Unadilla Valley have been warm and very receptive to this. It’s one of the finest staffs I’ve met.”
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