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Unadilla Valley census team going around the district starting Tuesday, Sept. 9
Census takers from Unadilla Valley will start visiting residences around the district on Tuesday, Sept. 9, to gather information to help school programing. The team is comprised of Marie Jacobsen, Marilyn Neuland, Kathy Proskine, and Renee Collum. They will visit between 4-6:30 p.m. on Tuesday or Wednesday.

District representatives conduct a census every-other-year, and it usually takes one to two months.

“This every other year event helps us budget more accurately and the survey questions provide important information regarding technology and this year will include questions about how to increase student and parent participation in school events,” said Jacobsen.

The census will include information about how many children under age 18 live in the district.

“This is a very transient area of New York with families moving in and out, so this enables the district to plan for future enrollment as well being aware of how many children are actually in the district,” Collum said.

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