Meet UV’s newest graduate!

A student stands next to staff membersIt’s time to meet Unadilla Valley’s most recent graduate.

Marshall Golden graduated from Unadilla Valley CSD on January 29, 2021.

“He was learning remotely from home since September and has put in a lot of time and effort,” said teacher Stacey McDermott. “Marshall always cared about his grades and would become upset with himself if he didn’t feel they were good enough.”

But McDermott said Marshall was dedicated to his classes and spent time with his teachers to relearn material and retake tests and quizzes for a better grade.

“Mr. Nial, Miss Lawton, Ms. Thurston and I all wanted to recognize Marshall for a job well done, so we blew up balloons, made a platter of cookies, purchased a few gifts, and made a collage with classroom pictures we took over the years. The four of us put on our boots and took a drive to Marshall’s house to surprised him with the gifts. He was very excited to see all of us and we were excited to be able to congratulate Marshall for graduating in person.”

A student stands next to a woman