Healthy Kids aftercare program is hiring

Please note that Healthy Kids is an outside entity that provides aftercare services at Unadilla Valley CSD. Healthy Kids employees are not district employees.

JOB TITLE: Daycare Director/Lead Classroom Teacher (daycare), 

Healthy Kids Program.

REPORTS TO: Director of NYS Early Learning Program, Healthy Kids Extended Day Program

DIRECT REPORTS: Daycare Program staff  


CALENDAR: Full time, year round, 35 hours/week (25 hrs/week as Lead Classroom Teacher, 10 hrs/wk Administrative)

SUMMARY: The role of Daycare Director’s responsibilities include  planning, organizing, implementing, coordinating and controlling services of the childcare program, exercising independent judgement, best practices and decision-making authority as delegated, including but not limited to, following budgets, policies, procedures and proper staff training and supervision.  Under general supervision, the director operates the childcare program in compliance with Office of Children and Family Services regulations and provisions and the policies of the Healthy Kids Program and budget.  Responsibilities include overall management of the center, facilitating, planning and coordinating the children’s educational programs and activities.  The role of Lead Teacher’s responsibilities include  providing a safe, interactive learning environment with young children that allows for socialization, exploration and developmentally appropriate educational activities.  


  • Licensing and managing an operation that follows Office of Children and Family Service Day Care regulations, establishing a positive working relationship with local OCFS licensor. 
  • Maintaining complete student records per OCFS requirements.
  • Preparing the physical space which includes ordering supplies and developmentally appropriate equipment, furniture, manipulative etc. per ECERs guidelines.
  • Handling all aspects of staffing including the hiring of highly qualified individuals, dedicated to providing the highest level of care and customer service, to meet enrollment demands.
  • Ensuring that staffing meets all OCFS requirements including, obtaining clearances, monitoring and documenting training, maintaining staff files and proper staff: child ratios. 
  • Utilizing the following platforms appropriately and effectively in the day to day operations: Bright wheel, ADP and HR cloud
  • Operating a high quality program that follows Healthy Kids best practices as a foundation for Healthy Kids “Consistent Excellence” philosophy, featuring a superior management team with excellent parent communication and customer service
  • Leading in a positive, upbeat confident style with an emphasis on proactive management, maintaining a “can do”, results driven, positive attitude all while working in a safe “G” rated work environment.  
  • Communicating effectively, regularly and appropriately with your direct report, keeping them abreast of daily occurrences and issues as they arise and in a timely manner, working collaboratively as a team to provide the highest quality of care, a positive working environment and to problem solve proactively.
  • Establishing open, comfortable lines of communication with parents, caregivers and staff, providing resources and support where needed.   
  • Become an expert on ECER-s, Creative Curriculum and CLASS observations and make these tools the building blocks of a high quality early learning program that each staff person utilizes daily..
  • Working alongside staff and parents to meet the educational, social and emotional needs of the children in care.
  • Scheduling parent teacher conferences twice a year, providing guidance to staff and support to parents as needed.  


  • Developing weekly plans, and implementing age appropriate curriculum (lesson plan) to nurture and stimulate all domains of children’s development in their care.
  • Provides a developmentally appropriate classroom environment that reflects the children’s learning and growth. 
  • Provide responsive care to all children by adapting daily caregiving routines and plans, for the interests and needs of the individual child and the group and adapting the physical space to best meet the needs of the children.
  • Prepare developmental progress reports as needed. 
  • Demonstrate cultural competency and respect for the child’s background by incorporating the cultural, linguistic and familial values and beliefs into the childcare program and lesson plans.
  • Maintain ongoing, open communication with parents/ caregivers, being responsive and empathetic to parents needs and concerns
  • Provide a classroom environment that encourages parent participation. 
  • Plan semiannual parent conferences to discuss children’s developmental progress, needs and interests. 
  • Liaison with children’s families to ensure smooth transition from home to child care setting and transitions from classroom to classroom when needed. 
  • Maintain accurate, complete and timely client and agency records; including daily meal and attendance records.
  • Maintains up to date emergency forms, curriculum plans, individual child development profile and other records as needed. 
  • Completes and reports any symptoms of child abuse to supervisor and/or child abuse hotline. 
  • Completes daily health checks regarding hygiene, safety, and overall wellbeing of the children.
  • Assures a healthy, safe, clean and developmentally appropriate environment for children. 
  • Assist with the supervision of staff and volunteers in the child care setting.  
  • Ensures that the Childcare Assistant is kept updated in all matters concerning the classroom and program, i.e. Lead Teacher Meetings, lesson plans, policies & procedures, training received, providing training and guidance to all classroom staff
  • Reports all staffing and classroom concerns to the Center Director in a timely manner. 
  • Reports family changes in schedules and excessive absences to administration in a timely manner. 
  • Participates in on-going in-service and educational development opportunities provided by the Agency per OCFS requirements.
  • Participate in ongoing development and evaluation of the center’s goals and objectives. 
  • In accordance with our “team” philosophy, the person filling this position may occasionally be required to carry out or assist with other tasks in addition to the duties listed on this job description 
  • Staff must believe in and act in accordance with organization policies, procedures and staff handbook


To be qualified as a Daycare Director, a person must possess either:
(a) a Bachelor’s degree, including or in addition to, 12 credits in Early Childhood, Child Development, or a related field; and

(b) one year full time teaching experience in a childcare center, family or group family daycare home or other early childhood program; and, 

(c) one year of experience supervising staff in a child care program or a related field of work, or

(ii)           (a) a NYS Children’s Program Administrator Credential; and , (b) one year full time teaching experience in a child care center, family or 

               Group family child care or other early childhood program; and

(iii)          (a) an Associate’s degree in Early Childhood or related field with s plan 

               of study leading to:

  1. A Bachelor’s degree or,
  2. A NYS Children’s Program Administrator Credential, 

                                                            (b) two years full time teaching experience in a child care center,

                                                            Family or group family child care home, or other early childhood

                                                            program, and

                                                            (c) two years’ experience supervising staff in a child care program or a 

                                                            Related field of work, or

                                             (iv)          (a) a Child Development Associate Credential with a plan of study 

                                                            Leading to:

  1. A Bachelor’s degree or
  2. A NYS Children’s Program Administrator Credential,


                                                            (b)two years full time teaching experience in a child care center, 

                                                            Family or group family child care home, or other early childhood


                                                            (c) two years of experience supervising staff in a child care program or                                                      a related field of work.




Must also possess:

  • Excellent customer service and parent communication skills.
  • Track record working as a team and helping to create a team oriented work environment.
  • Commitment to delivering an excellent program and managing personnel expenses.
  • Must pass full background check including fingerprinting and reference checking
  • Professional, reliable and prompt, warm, friendly, caring and upbeat personality. 
  • Excellent time management skills.





Monday-Friday (7am-9:30am and/or 2:30pm-6pm)

No program on school holidays/snow days



Please contact and send your resume to:

 Barbara Rapoli at

 or Sophie Strang at (607)463-2573