Fire Safety Day Teaches Life Saving Lessons

It was Fire Safety Day at Unadilla Valley Elementary today as members of the Pittsfield, New Berlin and South New Berlin Fire Departments showcased how firefighters keep their communities safe.

In addition to tours of vehicles and demonstrations of equipment, the volunteer firefighters also visited classrooms to talk with students about fire safety. 

Due to COVID, Fire Safety Day last year didn’t feature these activities, and students and firefighters alike relished the opportunity to come together for the important day in-person.

“It’s great being around the kids again,” said South New Berlin Fire Chief Kevin Christian. 

The event is not only fun for students – they got to watch Principal Katie Hansen set off the sirens in a fire truck, it’s also educational. 

It’s potentially life saving, according to Christian.

One of the key lessons for the students is to get used to what a fully suited-up firefighter would look like if they were in a smoke-filled house attempting a rescue.

“It’s a scary situation,” Christian said. 

In addition to fire safety, students and staff also practiced exiting classrooms through the windows.

Thank you to all who visited UV today to help our students learn about fire safety!