FAQ: Quarantine, remote learning, academic support

As we near the end of September, we understand there may be many questions and concerns related to quarantines, remote learning, academic support and other issues.  

Know that we’re here to listen. Our goal is to be responsive and accommodating when possible. Sudden moves to temporary, remote learning due to quarantine are incredibly difficult for all. The following FAQ helps clarify what will happen in various situations.

What happens if my child’s teacher has to quarantine but their class does not?

Your child’s teacher may be subject to a quarantine and not available to teach the class in-person. Depending on individual circumstances, your child may be taught in their regular class full-time by a substitute and/or receive a level of remote instruction from their teacher teaching from home. Your child will remain with their classmates and their day will continue as usual.

What should families do if they receive a quarantine order?

If you receive a quarantine order from your county Department of Health, the school district may not be aware of the situation. Please inform the UV Health Office at 847-7500, Ext. 4124. Toward the end of the quarantine period, DOH will send you “Release from Quarantine” orders. Before your child returns to the building, please send the UV Health Office a copy of this order. Without this release order, we may not be able to let your child in the building. A doctor’s note will not be sufficient. Please send “Release from Quarantine” orders to the UV Health Office by emailing jstratton@uvstorm.org.

What will happen if the entire district goes to remote learning?

Students should log into their learning platform at the start of the school day 8:05 am (Seesaw PreK – 3; Google Classroom 4 -12) to receive their expectations for each day including schedule and assignments; a synchronous (real time) schedule will be followed. Secondary students will follow their normal classroom schedule. If your student left their device at school, please contact their building office. 

If my family and/or student has to quarantine or the district goes to remote learning, will we still be able to get meals from the district?

Meals will be available for pick-up; please contact the Cafeteria Office at 847-7500 ext. 4407.

If my student has to quarantine and they are receiving special services such as occupational or speech therapy will they still be able to receive these services? 

Students will receive their related services. Please contact Freida Lyons in the Special Education Office at 847-7500, Ext. 4152 to determine how and when these will be delivered as mandated by their Individualized Education Plan. 

What will happen if my student has to quarantine but their teacher and entire class does not?

Students should log into their learning platform (Seesaw PreK – 3; Google Classroom 4-12) to access their learning. Teachers will communicate how students can receive support in instruction. If your student becomes ill and is unable to complete school work, please contact the Health Office at 847-7500, Ext. 4124, and we will communicate this information to teachers.

What will happen to sports and extracurricular activities if the district goes to full remote learning?

Unfortunately, if the district is forced into a period of full remote learning, sports and extracurricular activities will be suspended until the district is cleared to return to full, in-person learning. 

 My student may need some extra academic help. How can UV help them? 

If your student needs support while quarantined, please contact the classroom teacher and let them know your needs. Teachers will also be reaching out to students and providing resources and directions around what needs to be completed.

UV provides academic support and intervention from 2:25 to 3:05. We are taking this into consideration on an individual basis. Please contact your building principal if additional time is needed with a specific teacher. 

If you are experiencing issues with technology, please contact the UV Help Desk at 847-7500 ext. 4420 or email uvhelpdesk@uvstorm.org.

If I have questions about anything that was not addressed here, who should I contact?

If your question is related to your child’s class, for example, a concern about homework or classroom expectations, please first contact their teacher.

If your question is related to a health issue, COVID symptoms or quarantines, please contact the UV Health Office at 847-7500 ext. 4124. 

If your question is related to the district’s Reopening Plan or COVID policies in general, please reach out to COVID Coordinator Kevin Nial at 847-7500 ext. 3211.