Fall Sports regulations

Student Athletes and Coaching Staff

  • Opposing schools will keep a record of all student athletes that attend all contests including coaches, scorekeepers, managers and support staff.
  • When an opposing team needs a locker room, locker rooms will be provided.  It is expected that all individuals will wear a mask when inside regardless of vaccination status.  It is the responsibility of the coach to enforce mask wearing of all team members.
  • Post game handshakes will not take place at any event.


Outdoor Events

  • There will not be a limit on the number of spectators at contests.
  • The CDC recommends that all spectators wear masks regardless of vaccination status when in close contact with others.
  • Masks will be required to be worn, when social distancing cannot be maintained.

Indoor Events

  • There is no limit on spectators at this time.
  • All spectators, regardless of vaccination status, will be required to wear a mask while inside the Unadilla Valley Central School.  Masks should not be removed for any reason while in close contact with others.


  • Locker rooms will be provided for officials when needed.
  • While inside the building, officials will wear a mask at all times.

Please self-monitor and self-check for symptom before attending any events at Unadilla Valley.