Guidance Office

Bucket Filling program

Unadilla Elementary School is proud to offer the Bucket Filling program to its students. The Bucket Filling program is a nationwide program designed to improve Social & Emotional learning at school. Based on the book “Have You Filled a Bucket Today? A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids,” the program serves as a fun way to foster character development. The book puts forth the concept that every person has an invisible bucket  of good thoughts and feelings they carry around with them every day. When we are happy and good to others, our buckets become full.

Kelso’s Choice conflict resolution program

Kelso’s Choice is a conflict management program we use with our kindergarten through third grade students. The program teaches students to identify the difference between a big problem and  a small problem. Kelso teaches students about the nine different ways they can solve a small problem: 

  • Apologize 
  • Walk away 
  • Ignore it 
  • Tell them to stop
  • Make a deal
  • Wait and cool off
  • Go to another game 
  • Talk it out
  • Share and take turns

Small group counseling sessions

As part of our school’s counseling program, students are invited to participate in small group counseling sessions on an as-needed basis. Children who share a common concern meet together with the counselor to talk and share. Experience shows that the greatest benefit from a counseling group is the support the children feel from each other. Research shows that students who have support with life changes and have positive human relationships with others due better academically. These groups are meant to enhance and support these aspects in UV elementary students. 

Member selection for small groups is based on parent or teacher referral and signed parental permission. If you are interested in having your child take part in a group, please contact Mrs. Houck at the school. Groups take place at various times throughout the year and are offered based on students needs. Counseling Groups meet during non-academic times such as Morning Program, lunch, or recess.

Coping with Change (Grades K-5)

This group is open to all students new to UV throughout the year. Groups are organized by grade level and seek to help children feel less anxious about the transition to a new school. Children make new friends, learn about their school and  are encouraged to share their feelings with one another.

Changing Families (All grades)

Enable children to better understand family changes such as separation, divorce, remarriage, and blended families. Children are able to share their feelings with peers who are dealing with the same issues. Counselor encourages development of coping skills and expression of feelings.

Memory Makers (All grades)

Encourages exploration of feelings of grief / loss through the use of books, art, and sharing activities. Participants work on a memory book to take home at the end of the group.

Lunch Bunch (All grades)

At the class’ lunch table, lunch bunch creates an opportunity for students to interact with one another and the school counselor in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Basic manners and social skills are practiced and encouraged! *Parental permission not required*

Understanding Feelings (All grades)

Explore feelings through the use of books, games, and sharing activities. Empathy is a primary focus of this group and the foundation on which many social skills are built. Children are encouraged to identify and label their own as well as other’s feelings. 

Social Skills (Grades K-3)

Help children understand the primary skills necessary to be successful in the school environment (e.g. listening, using manners, personal space, talk ratio, etc.). Increase awareness of others and self and develop greater empathy skills. Teach the beginning steps to making friends.

“Bully-Free” (Grade level varies)

Teaches the importance of listening and treating others with kindness and understanding in order to resolve conflicts peacefully. Seeks to help children learn the skills necessary to prevent the escalation of problems into a bully / victim situation.

I “CAN” (Control Anger Now) (Grades K-5)

This group seeks to help children understand the physiological and emotional reactions to anger, as well as to identify “triggers” that lead to anger. Children are taught appropriate coping skills for handling frustration and anger.

Stop and Think (Grades K-1)

Aims to help students pay better attention to teachers and classmates, stay focused on the current task, and slow down in order to think about the steps to making good choices.

Organization and Study Skills (Grades 2-3)

Teaches students the importance of being organized at home and at school. Students learn strategies to assist with organization. Basic study skills are demonstrated and practiced.

Stress Management (Grades 2-5)

Children learn how to “be the boss” of their stress. Strategies and techniques are introduced to help children identify stress and handle it in healthy ways — enabling them to feel mentally, physically, and spiritually balanced.