Buildings and Grounds

The Unadilla Valley CSD Buildings and Grounds Department maintains and oversees the use of all of the district’s facilities. The district prides itself in its modern school building, as well as its scenic grounds. The campus is considered by many to be a hub for surrounding communities.

To request the use of a building facility, please download the Request Form For Use of Buildings and Grounds to your desktop, fill it out, save it, and email it to

Please note, that due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, access to Unadilla Valley CSD’s buildings and grounds may be restricted.

Building use expectations

The Unadilla Valley School District welcomes you to use their fine facilities; however, with that privilege come certain expectations:

  • Please use only the area(s) of the building/grounds that you have requested.
  • Please provide proper supervision to those persons attending your event. Persons should not be wandering the building.
  • The area that you are using should be left in the same condition it was in when your event started.
  • If tables and chairs in the designated area need to be moved around, it is requested that they be put back to their original spots at the end of your event.
  • For those individuals using the library facilities, please – no touching of any book displays, books on the shelves, computers, or librarian desks/work areas.
  • If for some reason you need to go in or out the library exits, please make sure doors are shut at the end of your event.
  • Should any problems occur, your request to use the facilities may be revoked. 

Thank you for your understanding and assistance in keeping our building available to the public.

Disclaimer: For your safety, and the safety of your children, please be advised, Unadilla Valley Central School District has surveillance cameras in the school buildings, on school buses and on school grounds. Any video recording used for surveillance purposes in school buildings and/or on school property, shall be the sole property of the district; and the Superintendent or his/her designee will be the custodian of such recordings. The recordings will be retained and produced in accordance with applicable law and regulations. The entire policy (#3430, Community Relations, Section 3000) is available on the Unadilla Valley Central School District website under the “Board Policy Manual.”

Plans and Notifications