Budget and Taxes

Each year, Unadilla Valley CSD works to make the most effective use of resources to benefit students, to develop and manage the budget in a responsible and transparent manner, and to be accountable to taxpayers.

The Business Office at Unadilla Valley CSD is responsible for oversight and management of district finances that are needed to support the educational mission.

The district’s fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30.


Tax levy increase: 2.00%
Tax levy limit: 8.86% 
Total Budget: $22,187,569
Budget increase: 0.59%

2021-22 Budget Development

The 2021-22 budget, as with all Unadilla Valley CSD budgets, will be developed by school district administrators with input from the community, staff, administrators in a process overseen by the Board of Education.

The budget vote this year is on May 18. For more information, please see the article below:

Proposed Budget  Set for May 18 Vote

2021-22 BUDGET AT A GLANCE (proposed)

Tax levy increase: 2.2%
Tax levy limit: 2.2% 
Total Budget: $23,446,865
Budget increase: 5.7%

Budget planning for the next fiscal year is an ongoing process and will follow the timeline below.

2021-22 Budget Development Calendar


  • Oct 26 – Present 2021-22 Budget Calendar to Board of Education for adoption


  • Budget development guidelines and budget forms distributed to budget developers with deadline date for return to Business Office
  • Nov 16 – Board Work Session


  • Dec 7 – Work Session/Board Regular Meeting  
  • Dec 18 – BOCES Initial Requests due


  • Preliminary Transportation budget due in Business Office
  • Preliminary Operations and Maintenance budgets due in Business Office
  • Jan 11 – Work Session/Board Regular Meeting
  • Jan 22 – Preliminary Athletic Budget due in District Office
  • Jan 22 – Preliminary Cafeteria Budget due in District Office
  • Jan 29 – Deadline for requisitions in DCMO’s Online Reqs
  • Jan 31 – Draft schedule due from Administrators


  • Feb 4 – All instructional staffing for the proposed budget finalized
  • Feb 4  – Administrative Staff will make budget recommendations to the Superintendent
  • Feb 8 – Budget Work Session
  • Feb 16 – Budgets returned to Supervisors for any adjustments


  • Estimated revenues and tax projection for the proposed budget
  • Mar 1 – All budget details including, equipment requests, supply needs and contractual expenditures due from budget developers in Business Office
  • Mar 1 – Submit Information to calculate Tax Levy Limit on State Comptroller’s website
  • Mar 22 – Work Session/Board Regular Meeting


  • Budget Newsletter finalized
  • Apr 2 – First publication of Legal Notice of School Budget (Within seven weeks of date set for annual meeting with first publication 45 days before such meeting)
  • BOCES Final Requests due
  • Apr 19 –Work Session/Board Regular Meeting
  • Apr 19 – Adopt Proposed Budget
  • Apr 19 – Deadline for submission of petitions for nominations of Board candidates (in accordance with Board regulations)
  • Apr 19 – Deadline for submission of petitions for propositions to be place on ballot (30 days preceding meeting date)
  • Apr 19 – Appointment of Clerks and Inspectors of Election
  • Apr 20 – Date for drawing by District Clerk for determination of order for listing Board candidates on ballot
  • Apr 23 – Property Tax Report Card submitted to local newspaper for general circulation and submitted to SED
  • Apr 23 – Second publication of Legal Notice of School Budget Vote


  • May 7 – Third publication of Legal Notice of School Budget Vote
  • May 14 – Fourth publication of Legal Notice of School Budget Vote
  • May 11  – Board Regular Meeting/Annual School Budget Hearing
  • May 18 – Annual School Budget Vote & School Board Election
Board of Education Adopted:  October 26, 2020