Board Meetings

Meeting Schedule | What happens at a Board meeting? | Special Meetings | Executive Sessions | Public Participation 

2021-2022 Meeting Schedule

Please note that special meetings may be scheduled on an as-needed basis. Notice of these special meetings will be posted to the district website and added to the district calendar. 
Thursday, July 1: Board Reorganizational/Regular Meeting, UV Library, 5:30 pm 

Monday, August 23:  Board Work Session, UV Library, 6:00 pm                          

Monday, September 20: Regular Board Meeting, UV Library, 6:00 pm 

Monday, October 18:  Regular Board Meeting, UV Library, 6:00 pm 

Monday, November 15: Board Work Session, UV Library Conference Room, 5:30 p.m.

Monday, December 13: Regular Board Meeting, UV Library, 6:00 pm 

Monday, January 10:  Regular Board Meeting, UV Library, 6:00 pm 

Monday, February 7: Budget Work Session, Library Conference Room, 5:30 pm

Monday, March 21: Budget Work Session, Library Conference Room, 5:00 pm and Regular Board Meeting, UV Library, 6:00 pm

Monday, April 18: Regular Board Meeting/DCMO BOCES Budget Vote/Board Election, UV Library, 6:00 pm 

Tuesday, May 10: Regular Board Meeting/Annual Budget Hearing Held Immediately Following, UV Library, 6:00 pm 

Tuesday, May 17: Budget Vote/Board Election, District Office Lobby, 12:00 – 8:00 pm  

Monday, June 6: Regular Board Meeting, UV Library, 6:00 pm 

What happens at a Board meeting?

The usual order of business at a regular meeting is as follows:

  • Call to Order
  • Flag Salute
  • UV Positive Points
  • Voice of the Public No. 1 (only comments about agenda items)
  • Approval of Minutes
  • Approval of Treasurer’s Report
  • Acceptance of Special Education Minutes
  • Reports
  • Administrators
  • School District Treasurer
  • Superintendent
  • Recommendations of the Superintendent
  • Correspondence/Communications
  • Unfinished Business
  • New Business
  • Voice of the Public No. 2
  • Adjournment

Seated with the board at the conference table are the superintendent of schools and the district clerk, who records the minutes of the meeting.

Other staff members typically present are the building principal, director of pupil personnel services and the school district treasurer.
Copies of the agenda are available to the public at each meeting. Agendas and supporting documents are given to board members in advance of the meeting date to allow the board to study and review the information.

During the meeting, it may appear as if some items are being voted upon with little or no discussion. This, however, is not usually the case because some items may have appeared on a previous agenda or may have been discussed at length at a special meeting or executive session. 

Special Meetings

In addition to its regular business meetings, the board may hold special meetings.

Special meetings may be planning/work sessions at which the board receives reports and information from the superintendent regarding the management of the school district.

During special meetings, board members have the opportunity to study and discuss specific topics in depth. Special meetings are open to the public. Although there is no formal public participation at special meetings, the board may solicit comments from observers.

Special meetings/work sessions may occur during the budget preparation process, although a special meeting can be called at any time by the board. 

Executive Sessions 

The board can meet in executive sessions to discuss personnel matters, labor negotiations, and other matters that are confidential as defined by the Open Meetings Law of the State of New York.

Executive sessions can only be held by resolution at a regularly scheduled or advertised special meeting. All executive sessions are closed to the public, but the board is not permitted to vote on the passage of any resolution while it sits in executive session.

Public participation

The board welcomes public participation during its regular business meetings designated on the agenda as Voice of the Public No. 1 and No. 2.

The public wishing to speak to the Board of Education will be allowed this period of time to do so under the following guidelines:

  • Speakers will be limited to a maximum of three minutes and the entire open forum to a maximum of 30 minutes (which may be waived by a majority vote of the board).
  • Speakers are requested to stand, state their name, address and topic of discussion. A sign-in sheet will be circulated prior to the start of the meeting to expedite this segment of the meeting.
  • Speakers will not be allowed to personally attack any board member, administrator, employee, community member or any of the public present. Also, no comments by the speakers will be permitted that deal with executive session subjects, e.g., individual personnel matters or discipline issues pertaining to specific individuals including students.
  • The board will respond to questions or refer them to an administrator who can answer appropriately. If a question cannot be answered during the board meeting, it will be researched and followed up by an administrator.

In addition, there are other ways to make your opinions known to board members and district personnel. The school board welcomes your communicating by mail on any issue of concern.
Correspondence may be addressed to the Unadilla Valley Central School, Board of Education, 4238 State Highway 8, P.O. Box F, New Berlin, NY 13411.

In the event of a specific concern related to a particular grade level or program, residents are encouraged to contact the appropriate district personnel.

A Board of Education meeting is a meeting in public rather than a public meeting. Consequently, all discussions and debates regarding agenda items are restricted to the members of the board and the superintendent. Opportunity for public input is available during the Voice of the Public portion of the agenda.