Athletics Code of Conduct

The purpose of page is to provide valuable information to students and parents regarding interscholastic athletics at Unadilla Valley Central School.  

Athletics Code of Conduct

Athletic Forms

Students will NOT be able to participate in any practice or game until all required forms are signed and returned to the respective coach. 

About Interscholastic Program Participation

Students and parents are reminded that participation in interscholastic athletics and extracurricular activities is a privilege that is earned by being good students and good citizens.  The New York State Commissioner of Education has ruled on such matters numerous times and holds interscholastic athletics as a privilege, rather than a right or requirement.

Since interscholastic athletics and extracurricular activities are an optional activity, those who choose to participate will be held to a higher standard in terms of their behavior and performance in the classroom.  A student who elects to participate is voluntarily making a choice of self-discipline and proper training.  

Students who choose to participate in the Unadilla Valley Interscholastic Program will be bound by the rules of the athletic code of conduct as well as the rules found in the Student Handbook for a period of one calendar year.  
The creation of such rules necessarily carries the responsibility for enforcement.  Such enforcement requires cooperation between the school and the home.  Together we can work toward a mutual goal of reducing the risks and possible penalties that could occur if the provisions of the handbook are not followed.

Chain of Communication

If you have a question, problem, or concern regarding athletics at Unadilla Valley, please follow the chain of communication:

  1. Student and Parent
  2. Coach
  3. Athletic Coordinator
  4. Principal

Coaching staff

Coaches at Unadilla Valley have been recommended and approved by the Board of Education.  They have received certification from the State of New York and are knowledgeable in approved coaching techniques.  As such, coaches at Unadilla Valley will be responsible for decisions regarding coaching strategy and playing time.  

Your child’s coach will be more than happy to discuss your child’s skill level, ways to improve skill level, your child’s work ethic, and their attendance at practice.  Parents are encouraged to communicate in a timely manner.  Please reflect for a period of 24 hours before discussing an issue with the coach.  Immediately after a game, when emotions are high, is not a good time.  Be supportive, be positive, and let the coach, coach the team.  

Awareness of Risks

The participation in interscholastic sports, as in most of life’s activities, carries a degree of risk of injury, perhaps even death that cannot be ignored.  While the risks do exist in our athletic program, the coaches, school nurse, teachers, and administrators are committed to reducing the possibility of such occurrence through an emphasis on sound training and adherence to the procedures and guidelines contained in this document and the NYSPHSAA Handbook.  

Medical Insurance 

Unadilla Valley Central School carries insurance coverage for student’s injuries that occur within its supervised activities.  Please be aware that a family’s insurance coverage must first be used to its allowable limits before the school’s coverage makes payments toward any unpaid balance incurred due to injury.

NYSPHSAA eligibility

Certain conditions must be met in order to participate in athletics in New York State. To get a complete listing, visit

  1. A student must be a “Bona-fide Student.” A bona-fide student is a student whom is enrolled in the district and is taking 4 classes plus physical education for the year.
  2. A student-athlete must have on file a current physical examination (physicals are good for one year), issued by a licensed practitioner.

Athletic forms

In addition, the athletic department will distribute important information that must be completed prior to the first practice session. The student and parent must fill out and sign the “Health Update” form, the “Emergency Treatment of Minors” form, the “Risk of Injury Statement” form, and the “Student/Parent Contract” each season, prior to the first practice.


The coach will meet with their respective players prior to the sport season and inform them of the tryout procedures:  If it is necessary to limit roster size, the coach will inform individual players of their status and role as it relates to the team.  Players may not make the team for lack of ability, poor team spirit, poor attitude, poor conduct, and/or absences from practice.  The coach has the sole responsibility for choosing team members.


On the days you are in school, you must attend practice unless you report to the coach or volunteer coach and are excused.  You are expected to be present at all practice sessions.  Failure to attend practice sessions will result in a range of possibilities to be decided upon by the coach and could result in a possible suspension from the team.


A student-athlete must be in school all day to be eligible to participate in a practice or contest that day.  A student-athlete must be in school all day the day before a weekend or vacation in order to be eligible to participate over the weekend or vacation.  Extenuating circumstances can, and do, arise.  Such incidences will be evaluated by the athletic director and principal who will than determine eligibility for participation.  

If you are late to school without a legal excuse, you will not be allowed to participate in practice or a game.  On time is 8:25 a.m. 

If you are absent from school or any period because of illness, or are illegally absent for all or part of that day, you will not practice or participate that day.  

If you are serving either an in-school suspension or an out-of-school suspension, you are ineligible to participate in any way the day it was assigned. 


As an athlete, you must take full responsibility for taking care of all equipment issued to you.  If any equipment is lost, you must pay the replacement cost.  If you have been issued any equipment for any sport, you must return it to the coach at the end of the sport season.  If you fail to turn in all of your equipment, you will be ineligible to compete in any sport until the equipment is turned in or paid for.

Travel and transportation

All athletes must utilize school transportation for all interscholastic contests except when parents, in person, sign their child out and take custody of the athlete with full knowledge and approval of the coach.  Students may not ride home with other parents from interscholastic contests.  Any exceptions must have prior approval of the Athletic Director or School’s Administration. Coaches and volunteer coaches must be the last person to leave the school facility after a school trip returns.  Parents, please be sure to pick up your child on time or make timely arrangements.  Coaches have been instructed not to transport students home in their private vehicles.  Parents please do not place coaches in the middle by asking them to do otherwise.  

Quitting an Athletic Team

Prior to the final cut date or the first game where cuts are not made, a player may withdraw from the team without penalty providing he/she has discussed the matter with the coach and Athletic Director before leaving. After this date, any player quitting a team will be ineligible for any athletic award or recognition of participation. 

In addition, he/she will be ineligible for any other sport during that season and possibly the following season, which could include a carryover from spring to fall.  The exception to this procedure will be leaving a team for a reason acceptable to the Athletic Council.

Injury and Illness

Report to the coach immediately any injury no matter how small.  Early treatment may prevent serious complications later.  The coach will refer you to the School Based Health Center or other qualified medical personnel.  
Any student, who has been absent from school for five consecutive days or more due to illness, must be qualified in writing for participation by the attending physician or the school physician.

Any time you receive any medical attention, you will be allowed to return only after being given a written release from that physician or the school nurse.  Included on the release should be a statement such as “cleared for participation” and an appropriate date. 

Should there be any question concerning the decision about an athlete’s participation due to illness or injury, the final decision will be made by the school physician. 

Notification of events

Your coach should provide you with a game schedule prior to the first game.  In addition, the coach should provide you with a practice schedule at least one week in advance.  

Please remember that all times are subject to change.
For up-to-date schedules, please visit  

In case of inclement weather, listen to the Banjo Radio Group for postponements and cancellations or call the Athletic Office after 2:00 at 847-7500 ext. 1146 to get up-to-the-minute information.

Enrichment programs

Information on summer sports camps and summer leagues are available through the Varsity coach of that particular sport.

Rules Governing Participation and Conduct in Extra-Classroom Activities

As an athlete or as a member of a class or student activity, you represent the school in a special way.  Therefore, you must maintain a high standard of conduct both in and out of school, on or off the playing field, as a host of an opponent, and in all of your activities in the community.

Cooperation and self-discipline are essential ingredients for a successful group effort.  The coach, athletic director, volunteer coach, or principal may temporarily suspend or dismiss from the team or group any team member or participant whenever the coach, athletic director, volunteer coach, or principal determines the student is not contributing to good inter-squad or group discipline or decorum.   

Examples of conduct that may lead to disciplinary action, including suspension, can be found in the Unadilla Valley Student Handbook.

Code of Ethics/Good Sportsmanship

Spectators, student athletes, and coaches must recognize that their conduct plays an important role in establishing the reputation of their school and that their positive actions can relate to the success of their teams.

Unadilla Valley Central School has established a code of ethics and a guide for good sportsmanship that can be found in the Student Handbook.  That code shall be prominently displayed in all school buildings, gymnasiums, and outdoor facilities where contests are held.  

In the event spectators act inappropriately at any interscholastic athletic event, the school-designated supervisor may issue a yellow card cautioning them about their behavior.  The card will read as follows:  “As an event supervisor for Unadilla Valley Central School, I am cautioning you about your behavior and asking you to demonstrate some self-control.  Good sportsmanship is as much a part of the game as scoring and if you are unable to conduct yourself accordingly, you will be asked to go home.”

Unadilla Valley Central School takes good decorum at sporting events very seriously. It is our goal to provide an enjoyable athletic experience for everyone. We hope both parents and students will embrace that initiative and support efforts in that direction.