Three students are seen wearing graduation caps

Students who graduate from Unadilla Valley CSD are prepared for college, the workplace, and life. UV offers an age 0 through grade 12 program designed to promote the academic, personal and professional development of all our students.

Unadilla Valley High School students have the opportunity to take courses in core curriculum areas such as math, English Language Arts, science and social studies, as well as courses in art, web design, technology and many more.

We offer nearly 100 dual enrollment college credit hours on our campus, with affiliations to many 2-year and 4-year colleges. This allows our students to work toward the completion of an associate’s degree while in high school.

Grading and Placement Policy

Grade Point Average (GPA)

The grade point average is the average of all final grades. The GPA is computed by the following process. Full semester courses are one credit courses and receive full value. Half credit courses receive half the value. The value of all courses is totaled and divided by the total credit.

When computing grade point averages, physical education, chorus, jazz band and teachers’ aide credit are not included. All other courses are included.

Rank in Class

Rank in class is first determined by the GPA computation at the end of the (sixth semester) Junior year. Students who move up or transfer in after a class has been ranked, will be given co-rankings.

Students with Regents diplomas will be ranked above local diplomas. When all new regulations are in place, students with Regents with Distinction will rank above Regents only students.

Graduation in Less Than Four Years

Students may graduate in less than four years. The final decision to grant permission is made by the Principal after consultation with the guidance counselor, the student and the student’s parent(s).

A Sophomore who intends to graduate early must declare his/her intent prior to the start of school in September of his/her Junior year. He/she will be ranked as a Senior in September.

Marking and Grading

Each student enrolled in UVHS will receive a report card at the end of each marking period. The mark each student receives in each course in which he/she is enrolled will consist of a numerical grade and a maximum of three comments.

  • A final evaluation will be required for each course in grades 9-12.
  • All students will be required to complete the final evaluation in each course.
  • Students are required to complete the work of the course to be eligible to take the final examination for the course. When offered, the Regents Examination is the final exam for the course.
  • The minimum passing mark for all subjects will be 65.
  • A student must have a passing final average to receive credit for a course.

Early Graduation

A student shall be eligible for early graduation in fewer than eight semesters upon completion of all requirements for graduation, excluding physical education, as mandated by Commissioner’s Regulations.  A student shall not be required to continue enrollment for the sole purpose of completing physical education requirements.  The District, upon request from the student’s parent/guardian, may choose to grant the student a high school diploma prior to his/her completion of the eighth semester. 

Grade Placement

  • Students entering ninth grade in 2015 and thereafter must attain 22 credits to graduate. In order for students to advance their class status, he/she must earn the minimum credits listed: 
  • Freshman = 0
  • Sophomore = 5.5*
  • Junior = 11*
  • Senior = 15*

*And receiving credit in the required English and Social Studies classes.

These classification are to be reviewed at the conclusion of each semester. This policy is subject to the regulations of the Board of Regents. Credits needed to graduate and other requirements may change in the future.

Any exceptional condition is subject to review by the principal.

Academic Weighting of Grades

The District wishes to reward students for exemplary academic achievement.  Therefore, students enrolled in District approved college courses through a District program or through a BOCES program (beginning with the class of 2017) that includes approved college course  will have their grade weighted at a weighting factor of 1.10 of the actual grade earned.  All other courses will have a weighting factor of 1.0.

The weighted grade will be computed by the teacher and entered on the report card.  There will be a note placed in the “comments” section of the report card indicating that the grade is a weighted grade.  Weighted grades will be used to compute honor rolls, Honor Society status, and class rank.

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from Unadilla Valley Central School District, a student must complete or may exceed the requirements set forth in Part 100 of the Commissioner’s Regulations.  The Board of Education reserves the right to establish requirements for graduation which exceed the minimum standards as defined by the New York State Regents.

Adopted:  July 15, 2013
Amended: January 25, 2016

Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR)

Each year, New York state schools must evaluate the performance of their principals and teachers using a process called the Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR). The APPR plan establishes a formal process for evaluating teachers and principals in a way that aligns with the district’s motto, the Unadilla Valley Pledge. The APPR Plan will apply to all teachers in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade and to all principals. All administrators, including the superintendent, will also be evaluated using the APPR format for administrators.

Unadilla Valley’s complete APPR plan is available on the website of the State Education Department.

State Assessments

The New York State Education Department requires all public school districts to administer state tests in English language arts, math and science to all students in grades 3-8. High school students in New York State are required to pass five Regents exams in order to graduate – in English, math, U.S. history & government, global history and one science subject area.