Building Project

school buses are seen outside the building in an aerial photoOne of the keys to delivering the best possible academic experience at Unadilla Valley CSD, while also being mindful of the burden on taxpayers, is having a safe, efficient and modern school building and grounds.

To that end, in recent years, Unadilla Valley CSD has planned and completed a series of building projects to keep our nearly 20-year old campus up-to-date and safe.

Unadilla Valley Central School District  residents most recently approved a $10 million building project on Dec. 13, 2018, by a vote of 102 to 46.

The project is being funded largely through state aid, with support from a reserve fund. There is no anticipated impact on the school’s tax levy. Much of the project involves upgrades that were not covered under a $12.8 million project voters approved in May 2015. Final work on that project concluded in fall 2017. Final work on the most recent project was occurring in winter of 2020-21.

The project includes a roof replacement over portions of the building, masonry restoration, HVAC upgrades, paving and sidewalk replacement and athletic field improvements. Many components of the project are related to increasing energy efficiency at the school building and ensuring the school’s facilities remain a modern, comfortable and safe place in which to learn and work.

The scope of the project included:

  • Replacing heating and ventilation that wasn’t completed in our most recent project (approximately 1/3 of the remaining classrooms, as well as the cafeteria, library, main gym, & auditorium)
  • Completing remaining doors (fire towers) that weren’t completed in our most recent project
  • Beginning our roof replacement with the roof over the pool
  • Beginning our long term maintenance of the exterior brick and mortar of the building (cleaning and repointing)
  • Replacing the south parking lot as it is in the worst shape
  • Displaying an electronic sign in front of the school
  • Continuing to upgrade to LED lighting in more areas of the building and on the football field
  • Upgrading the stage and theater type lighting in the auditorium to LED
  • Upgrading the auditorium sound system and microphones
  • Replace all drinking fountains, including water bottle fillers in a few key locations
  • Repairing and replace the drainage for the football field and the track
  • Painting and lining of the track along with some field event relocations (shot put, discus, pole vault, and add steeplechase)
  • Re-sodding the football field after the drainage was fixed (all natural grass)

The district will continue to plan long-term for the care and maintenance of its facilities. As these plans are developed, input will be sought from community stakeholders. Periodic capital projects are needed to ensure the district takes the best possible advantage of state building aid under a strategy of preventative care and maintenance that lessens the risk to taxpayers down the road.