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UV ECHO: Putting college in reach for all students

UV ECHO logo, which is a circle with a garaduation cap and the words UV EchoThe UV ECHO program, which launched for the 2018-19 school year, is designed to allow 9th grade students a chance to start earning college credit. 
One of the goals of UV ECHO is to help place a college education within reach of students who have never had a family member attend a college or university. For students who choose not to attend a traditional four-year college, ECHO will also have value. Whenever possible, ECHO courses will be aligned with careers in the regional economy increasing individual employment readiness. Additionally, the extra academic boost may help students excel on military entrance exams, which determine eligibility for career paths within the Armed Forces.

 What are some of the ways earning college credit in high school is important? a photo of brayden white

“Taking courses at UV was a big help. Getting as many courses as possible out of the way in high school has become the norm. Maintaining an academic and extracurricular balance is important as well. While at UV, I almost completed an associate’s degree and thirty-eight of the fifty-four credits I earned transferred into Clarkson University with some courses applying to my major and the other courses going toward electives. I could graduate a semester or a year early depending on how I schedule my courses. UV should keep growing their program and students should try out as many college level courses as possible while in high school.”
- Brayden White, Class of 2017

 Who teaches college credit courses at Unadilla Valley?

A photo of man from shoulder's upJohn Jackson earned his A.A.S. in Veterinarian Science Technology from SUNY Delhi, B.S. in Animal Science from Cornell University and M.A.T. in Biological Sciences from SUNY Cortland. At Delhi, John was an Academic All-American in Basketball. Prior to becoming a teacher, he worked as a veterinary technician at the Cornell University Large Animal Clinic. As an educator at Unadilla Valley Central School for 28 years, John has taught Principles of Biology, Principles of Human Anatomy, Contemporary Issues in Genetics and Biotechnology as concurrent enrolled courses through TC3 and SUNY Albany. He is also a Cornell Institute for Biology Teachers (CIBT) alumni. He is the Environmental Club Advisor and has taken students on whale watch trips to Massachusetts over 20 times and says, “The reward is the excitement and appreciation displayed by students.” John is a class advisor, science fair coordinator, basketball and baseball coach. John has a passion for music and is the lead singer/guitar player for the UV faculty band, “Storm Surge.” As a member of the NYS Master Teacher Program, John is looking forward to collaborating with teachers and professionals in our communities, sharing best practices with new educators and continuing to implement STEAM skills into his science classes.

The following UV teachers have been approved as adjunct instructors for teaching ECHO courses:
Steve Fenton
Andria Crandall
Hannah Johnson
Jessica Devries
Wil Rexroat
Rick Loeffler
Kim Dorosky
John Jackson
Andrew Wolford
Geraldine Crooker
Laurie Pedersen
Elizabeth Duvall
Leah Fries 

Blaze a Trail
 Whether a student's plan is to enlist in the military, enroll in a college or university or seek gainful employment within the region, ECHO courses will help blaze a unique trail! The ECHO course selection is vast, with something appealing for each student. The following college course list shares a sampling of courses available at UV:
Sample Course List
 Ag Mechanical Science
American History
Animal Science
Approaches to Literature
Biological Resources Conservation
Business Law
Civil Engineering and Architecture
Intermediate French/Spanish
Introduction to Food Science
Introduction to Veterinary Technology
Music Appreciation
Principles of Accounting
Principles of Biology
Principles of Human Anatomy and Physiology
Technology and the Environment

Note: Courses are subject to change.

Summer College Courses

For the first time, Unadilla Valley CSD is offering college courses to high school students during the summer.
2019 Summer College Course Descriptions

Introduction to Word Processing

CAPS 111 – 1 credit hour Tompkins Cortland Community College
This is an introduction to the operation and uses of a word-processing program. Topics include inserting and modifying text, creating and modifying paragraphs, formatting documents, managing documents, working with graphics, and workgroup collaboration. Students will have access through UV to a computer while in class and an I-pad for out of class assignments using Word. 

Introduction to Web Design

CAPS 152 - 1 credit hour Tompkins Cortland Community College
This is a course that will teach students how to design Web pages using the XML version of HyperText  Markup Language (HTML). This version of the code is called XHTML. The backbone of the course will be a small web site that each will develop and set up on the Unadilla Valley Server. The development will be done in stages that will correspond to each topic of the course. The completion of the web site will compose the Final Project of the course. As various types of code is learned, you will add new features to your site, building your project as the course proceeds. 

Introduction to Public Speaking
COMM 111 – 3 credit hours State University of New York – Morrisville
Speech as communication. Composition and delivery of informative and persuasive speeches. Practice in addressing a group in order to develop confidence and proficiency necessary throughout college and life beyond. Lecture, discussion and presentation of learned techniques and ideas.

Psychology 101
PSYC 101 – 3 credit hours State University of New York – Morrisville
This course provides students with a basic understanding of psychology. Theories and research relating to emotions and stress, abnormal behavior, motivation, learning, personality, methods of therapy, biology and behaviors, developmental psychology, and social psychology are discussed.

American Sign Language I 
AMSL 101 – 3 credit hours State University of New York – Morrisville
This is an introductory course for students in American Sign Language with basic vocabulary, structure, syntax and grammar. Conversational skills will be emphasized from an expressive and receptive perspective, as well as the manual alphabet, numbers, colors and facial grammar. Exposure to Deaf Culture and culturally appropriate behaviors will be included in the course. This course satisfies the Liberal Arts and Sciences requirement and the SUNY General Education Requirement for Foreign Language.


ECHO Director Kim Murray
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ECHO: Get the facts

What is it?
  The Early College High School Program allows students to earn both high school and college credit for one course, taught by a high school teacher who has been approved to instuct the college course.
  This program enables students to take challenging, college-level courses in high school, strengthen the transition from high school to college and earn college credit that can be transferred to many colleges and universities in New York and throughout the country. Students have the opportunity to earn an Associates Degree (A.S.) in tandem with their high school diploma. The district offers courses tuition free or at minimal cost in partnership with regional institutions of higher education.

How can UV do that?
  UV received a $775,000 state grant that has enabled the district to partner with colleges and support student participation for four years.

What’s the catch?
  No catch! Students will work closely with school counselors to create high school/college schedules which fulfill each student’s high school needs and college aspirations. Students will apply themselves to their studies throughout their high school careers and have the opportunity to earn college credits, up to an Associate’s Degree, prior to high school graduation.