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Unadilla Valley Smart Schools Investment Plan
Smart Schools Investment Plan
High-Tech Security Features
In order to meet the needs of our current advancements in technology and position the district to be responsive in the future, the bulk of SMART Bond money will be invested in infrastructure. This includes wiring, wireless access, fiber optics, switches, servers, and electrical upgrades. With this in place we can invest the remaining money in surveillance system upgrades and additions, access controls, and a wireless clock system.
Allocation of monies for High-Tech Security Features are as follows:
• Capital-Intensive Security Project $350,000
• Other Costs which include wireless
Network infrastructure, upgrade fiber
Optic cabling; upgrade data network;
Clock system; and all associated incidental
Costs (i.e. Architect/Engineer Fees, printing,
Insurance, etc.) $600,000
• Total $950,000
The Unadilla Valley Central School held a public hearing on Monday, Jan. 25, 2016 at 6 p.m. in the secondary school library. The Superintendent explained the project and asked for any questions or comments. The Board of Education approved the investment plan at the regular meeting held immediately after the public hearing.