School Reopening Information
Unadilla Valley CSD reopened Sept. 8 under a hybrid model. Please see our Reopening Resources Page and Reopening Plan linked below for more information.

Unadilla Valley

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App Instructions for Athletics Directors and Assistants

  • Go to the App store on an Apple phone or to Google Play on an Android phone. Download the App
  • Once you’ve downloaded the App, it will ask you to sign in. Sign in with the same email address and password that you are using for ScheduleGalaxy on the computer.
  • Once you’ve signed in, it will bring up games and practice in chronological order (if you use SG for practices), starting with the current day, followed by all games/practices going forward.
  • To see game details, click on the desired game. To Edit or Postpone the game, click on the pencil icon next to Game Details. There you can modify game details as you wish. Once you’ve done that, scroll to the bottom and click on Update. The capability to just Postpone the game is at the bottom as well.
  • To schedule a game on the App, click on Games at the top of the screen. Underneath, you will see Games again with a plus sign (+) next to it. Click on the + to start scheduling a new game.
  • To view another subscribing school’s schedule, go to the Games screen. Underneath Games, you will see All Schools. When you click on that, you will see List of Schools under your school name. Click on that to get a list of all our subscribing schools if you have an interest in viewing their schedules.
  • You will see another header called Schools & Teams. You will probably have no need for that since it is how the public signs up to receive push notifications of desired team schedules. However, if you want to subscribe to particular schedules to receive push notifications for teams either at your school or another subscribing school, you would click on Schools & Teams. 
  • Click on Add First Subscription, pick the school for which you want to receive push notifications for specific team schedules. The school will display with icons to choose either Boys teams or Girls teams.
  • Find the team you want to subscribe to and click on the white star to the right of the sport and level. You will see a pop up telling you “Team Added” and the white star will turn gold. To unsubscribe to a team, click on the gold star and you will get a pop up telling you “Team Removed,” and the gold star will turn to a white star again. 
  • As a point of information, this is where and how the public will sign up for push notifications.