COVID-19 Updates and Resources
Unadilla Valley CSD will regularly update and provide information about COVID-19 (coronavirus) and the district's response on our website. The district is closed through April 15. Please see this link for our Updates and Resources Page.

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Nurse's Office

The school nurse is here to help your child have a healthy, safe and productive
school year. Here are several recommendations if your child is ill:
  • A child with a fever of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or above should remain home until temperature is within normal range.
  •  If your child is ill, vomiting or has diarrhea, he/she should remain home from school until symptom free.
  • When your child is sent home from school due to illness, he/she should remain home from school until symptom free.
It is important to remind your child that coughing or sneezing spreads illness. Please encourage your child to wash their hands. Frequent hand washing is one of the best methods for preventing illness.
Please contact Jessica Stratton, School Nurse at 607.847.7523 with any questions and/or concerns regarding your child’s health.