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Unadilla Valley CSD reopened Sept. 8 under a hybrid model. Please see our Reopening Resources Page and Reopening Plan linked below for more information.

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UV '20-21 Budget At A Glance

Tax levy increase

Tax levy limit


Budget increase

2020-21 Budget Approved by Voters

 A public hearing on the proposed budget was held at 6 p.m., June 1, 2020. 
Unadilla Valley district voters approved a $22.2 million budget for the 2020-21 school year as votes were counted Tuesday night, June 16, 2020.

Voting this year, due to the COVID-19 crisis, was conducted entirely through absentee ballots. Preliminary results indicated the budget was approved by a vote of 534 to 219.

Voters also approved a bus lease proposition by a vote of 557 to 194 and elected three board candidates. Victoria Gregory received 600 votes; Richard Potter had 573 votes; Daniel Naughton had 441 votes; and Kim Corcoran had 394 votes. The top three vote-getters received the seats.

The 2020-21 budget includes an increase in spending of less than 0.59 percent, with a 2 percent increase in the tax levy. Use of reserves and cost-savings from retirements are allowing the district to offset a projected 5.2 percent decrease in state aid and allow for flexibility in case of mid-year state aid cuts. There are no losses of academic and extracurricular programming, including athletics. A new Introduction to Education program is planned for next year, but it will rely on current staff.

The budget includes a tax levy increase that is below the district’s property tax cap limit of 8.86 percent.

There is also a $100,000 capital outlay project built into the budget. The project is eligible for state aid and would involve installing energy efficient improvements.

“We would like to thank all of those voters who participated in the election this year. We know it looked a lot different from a normal school budget vote and board election and we appreciate your patience,” Superintendent Robert Mackey said. “This budget will allow Unadilla Valley to move forward into the next year with all academic programming and extracurricular activities intact, while keeping the impact on taxpayers below the state mandated tax levy limit.”

UV 2021-22 Budget Development

2021-22 Budget Development Calendar


  • Oct 26 - Present 2021-22 Budget Calendar to Board of Education for adoption
  • Budget development guidelines and budget forms distributed to budget developers with deadline date for return to Business Office
  • Nov 16 – Board Work Session
  • Dec 7 – Work Session/Board Regular Meeting  
  • Dec 18 – BOCES Initial Requests due
  • Preliminary Transportation budget due in Business Office
  • Preliminary Operations and Maintenance budgets due in Business Office
  • Jan 11 – Work Session/Board Regular Meeting
  • Jan 22 – Preliminary Athletic Budget due in District Office
  • Jan 22 – Preliminary Cafeteria Budget due in District Office
  • Jan 29 – Deadline for requisitions in DCMO’s Online Reqs
  • Jan 31 - Draft schedule due from Administrators


  • Feb 4 - All instructional staffing for the proposed budget finalized
  • Feb 4  – Administrative Staff will make budget recommendations to the Superintendent
  • Feb 8 – Budget Work Session
  • Feb 16 – Budgets returned to Supervisors for any adjustments


  • Estimated revenues and tax projection for the proposed budget
  • Mar 1 – All budget details including, equipment requests, supply needs and contractual expenditures due from budget developers in Business Office
  • Mar 1 – Submit Information to calculate Tax Levy Limit on State Comptroller’s website
  • Mar 22 – Work Session/Board Regular Meeting
  • Budget Newsletter finalized
  • Apr 2 - First publication of Legal Notice of School Budget
               (Within seven weeks of date set for annual meeting with first publication 45 days before such meeting)
  • BOCES Final Requests due
  • Apr 19 –Work Session/Board Regular Meeting
  • Apr 19 - Adopt Proposed Budget
  • Apr 19 - Deadline for submission of petitions for nominations of Board candidates (in accordance with Board regulations)
  • Apr 19 - Deadline for submission of petitions for propositions to be place on ballot (30 days preceding meeting date)
  • Apr 19 - Appointment of Clerks and Inspectors of Election
  • Apr 20 - Date for drawing by District Clerk for determination of order for listing Board candidates on ballot
  • Apr 23 - Property Tax Report Card submitted to local newspaper for general circulation and submitted to SED
  • Apr 23 - Second publication of Legal Notice of School Budget Vote
  • May 7 - Third publication of Legal Notice of School Budget Vote
  • May 14 - Fourth publication of Legal Notice of School Budget Vote
  • May 11  - Board Regular Meeting/Annual School Budget Hearing
  • May 18 - Annual School Budget Vote & School Board Election
Board of Education Adopted:  October 26, 2020


If you need help accessing or reading any of the documents on this page, please contact the Unadilla Valley Central School District Business Office at 607.847.7500 ext. 1122.