Superintendent’s Message on Mask Wearing

The following message was emailed to parents on Thursday, Sept. 23:

Good morning,

It’s come to our attention that some Secondary School students are indicating they will not wear their masks on Friday, which would be in violation of school policy and New York State’s face mask mandate for schools.  

While we understand face masks are controversial, if the district is not able to meet New York State’s mandates, it may be forced into a period of remote learning. The school district’s mission is to provide the best education possible to our students, in a safe and nurturing environment. We believe the best way to do this is to have students in school for in-person learning every day. Students have so far done a great job helping us follow our Reopening Plan and meeting state mandates. We hope this can continue. 

However, students who refuse to wear masks when required would need to be isolated and removed from school. Parents and guardians would be contacted and asked to pick up their children. 

Brenton S. Taylor, Superintendent of Schools